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You know, it pays the bills.


A single girls guide you get a nose job? Or you could change the name to something more appropriate You might want to keep some of that biting wit for your magazine.

I think you even work together. They run upstairs together, bumping into Tom-Tom on the way; Jenna rips up the homework in Tom-Tom's hands and Jenna and Matt run out of the house, emerging as a wedding couple on the other side of the door, and, as credits roll, they are moving into a bright pink house just like the dollhouse that started it all.

Let me come over and give you my Maybe if somebody played something else. Seven Minutes in Heaven.

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I don't wanna be beautiful in my own way. And if that was the case, what would have happened if Jenna had just stayed 30 without traveling back in time?

No, I haven't gotten crazy like that about a girl since high school. It is Matt who walks into the closetto Jenna's horror. Emily Pratt called and wanted me to tell you: Please, put some crab in your purse for later.

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Our high school yearbook. Yeah, it's too bad we can't make it, because we really wanted to. Twelve o'clock and headed our way. Why the s are the best years of your life.

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She said, "I hope you choke on your own bile Jenna and Matt were eating the Razzles the night they took a walk. You might as well enjoy it. Honey, I know I'm your best friend, but the slip dress is a little '.

What's the dude who sings this?

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We have two weeks, four hours and minutes. I hope you die in one of her casual pantsuits.

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Can you get in the car? You know how you always wanted a Barbie Dream House?

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I mean, it's like a weird dream. You lied to the Flamhaffs! God, you're so photogenic. My name is Lucy Wyman. Keep that blindfold on.

No adults questioned the fact that Jenna was hanging out with 13-year-old kids.

Plot[ edit ] On May 26,Jenna Rink, a gawky girl, yearns to be popular, but the only way she can get the ruling clique —the "Six Chicks", led by the unkind Lucy "Tom-Tom" Wyman—to attend her upcoming 13th birthday party is by doing their homework.

Jenna, what do you think? The new Poise will go farther than any fashion magazine ever before. Okay, but he wants to know what time would be good for dinner.

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Yeah, mine aren't so hot either. Then you got everything you ever wanted. We can play Parcheesi!