Asiana Airlines San Francisco Airport Crash Landing Asiana Airlines San Francisco Airport Crash Landing

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She says the pilot had nearly 10, hours flying other planes but had only 43 hours on the However, Hersman stressed that all information is preliminary and she expects the NTSB team will work at the scene of the crash for "at least a week," possibly longer, with at least months needed to complete the investigation, she added.

They had been seated at the back of the aircraft. Meanwhile another passenger, David Eun, tweeted a picture of people evacuating down the plane's emergency inflatable slides and wrote: Flight attendants told NTSB investigators that there was no fire inside the cabin when the evacuation began.

Boeing 777 Crash in San Francisco!

The wreckage was removed to its secure storage location at San Francisco International Airport. If it bothers you, ignore it. She says the pilot had nearly 10, hours flying other planes but had only 43 hours on the Of sheldon ebrio latino dating passengers onboard, were Chinese.

I'm ok," tweeted passenger David Eun.

Witnesses saw 'fireball' underneath aircraft

Asiana spokeswoman Lee Hyomin said that Lee Gang-guk was trying to get used to the during Saturday's crash landing. Altogether people were taken to hospital, mostly with minor injuries.

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In response, the captain selected an inappropriate autopilot mode, which, without the captain's awareness, resulted in the autothrottle no longer controlling airspeed. A group of 29 students and five teachers had set off from the highly competitive school in Zhejiang, an affluent coastal province.

Two dead, dozens injured after Boeing 777 crash lands at San Francisco airport

One suffered a collar fracture while the other two sustained minor injuries. The twin-engine aircraft has a good safety record for long-haul and is used by many major carriers. The instructor pilot stated that the PAPI indicated a deviation below the glide path at approximately feet above ground leveland he attempted to correct it at that time.

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During the crash the back of her seat rotated back and against the floor, leaving her exposed. There was no fire then, the fire came afterward.

Spotting a hole at the back of the jumbo jet where the bathroom had been, she carried her boy to safety. Deborah Hersman, head of the National Transportation Safety Board, said the slow speed of Flight in the final approach triggered a warning that the jetliner could stall, and an effort was made to abort the landing but the plane crashed barely a second later.

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The twin-engine is one of the world's most popular long-distance planes, regularly used for flights of 12 hours or more. But images appeared to suggest the aircraft struck a rocky area at the water's edge short of the runway at the airport -- a major international hub, especially for flights to and from Asia.

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Thank you for your concern and support at this time. The airline said on Monday in Seoul that the pilot at the controls had little experience flying that type of plane and was landing one for the first time at that airport.

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Pilot Lee Kang-Kuk, 46, had 43 hours of experience in piloting this type of aircraft although he was well skilled with more than 9, hours of flight time under his belt, Asiana said. Lee was the deputy pilot, tasked with helping Lee Gang-guk get accustomed to theaccording to Asiana Airlines.

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I know it's your "thing" and you want to stand out, etc. If you think what I did or said was wrong, have you seen some YT comments?

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Some witness said that they were unable to see the plane as it had been completely consumed by smoke. Rescue vehicles from the San Francisco and San Mateo fire departments were on the scene within minutes.

Among the questions investigators are trying to answer was what, if any, role the deactivation of a ground-based landing guidance system due to airport construction played in the crash.

Asiana Airlines investigating incident

Anyways, yeah, only 2 dead, could've been worse like others said. At least 49 others are in a critical condition.

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One flight attendant said that many Chinese passengers who sat at the back of the plane near the third exit were not aware of the evacuation.