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The effects area delights with typical echo effects, professional wah-wahs, chorus and echo sounds. Listen to demo songs Screen keyboard The integrated screen keyboard offers two different options to make music.

With the 80s Edition, you can choose up to 3 different 80s soundpools for free. Countless professional effects send your sound on a unique journey through time.

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With the 80s Edition, you also get to choose one additional software instrument for free like Astoria gay dating Pads, for atmospheric surfaces, or Analog Synths, with more than presets from legendary synthesizers.

They are available in 7 pitches and are easily combined together! Browse through thousands of loops and get inspired. Develop your own zany synth sounds, atmospheric basses, classical piano chords and completely new sounds.

Synthesizers, analog and electronic, iconic drum sounds with just a pinch of nostalgia. These MIDI patterns can be then played by the software instruments without forgoing the usual quantization options.

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The 80s Soundpool, Vaporwave, consists of various sound building blocks. Control the sounds in your tracks via the keyboard, mouse or MIDI controller. You can also turn old samples from back in the day turn into today's Vaporwave sounds.

Find out more in our video to see how it works!

Retro style

Listen to modules Why 7 pitches? Typical 80s sounds like drums and analog synthesizers are instantly recognizable.

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The second mode doesn't have your typical piano design but allows you to select various scales and will automatically only play the notes that fit the song you're working on.

Listen to a demo song What's a Soundpool? This includes 15 bass loops, 21 synthesizer samples and 8 drum kits. Watch video 80s effects As crazy as the 80s: And yes, loops fit perfectly together just like building blocks.

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Each copy of Music Maker includes a virtual freeware synthesizer, a free concert piano and sample player Vita 2.

Learn more about software instruments Free software instruments The perfect start: This allows you to produce all different kinds of beats and songs.

The first mode reflects traditional piano design and offers access to the MIDI chord and arpeggio function. Each sound has 7 versions in different pitches to ensure as much variation as possible.

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Vandal SE is a genuine guitar amplifier and brings the needed rock to your sound. These software instruments are so 80s — and that's a good thing.

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Time travel for your sounds Create the signature retro sound: