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97 gsxr 600 gas tank hook up, featured video

There are 4 lines on your tank.

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Price is for fiberglass but this fender is also available in carbon fiber. If you still have the smog on it, this will take a bit longer. There is no shut off for this line, and since it comes from the bottom of the tank, ANY gas you have in the tank will come out of radiometric dating equation of a line. Then remove and PLUG the return line.

This race piece attaches inside of our supersport or super bike race tail and cleans off the inside bottom of your race bike. The seat has an open pan area that uses your stock upholstery.

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The center hose is the one you need to pull off. This is a must have to finish off the underside of your race bike. Lift the corner of your seat and take out the 6mm alan bolts on on each rear corner. Simply hack out your black plastic pieces, do a little bit of cutting and trimming, and custom paint this under seat enclosure for an awesome custom street bike.

This is a quick and easy installation. Those pieces are pretty unsafe, ours uses the stock DOT taillight. Easily installed onto the swingarm.

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This is a race legal tail section for most racing organizations and is a cool tail section for custom street bikes. This piece uses your stock DOT approved tail light assembly so you don't have to worry about someone rear ending you like happens with guys using undertails with dim LED lights.

This tail will not accept the stock taillight or undertail, but you can make the '01 style of undertail work. Suzuki should have put one of these on straight from the factory. Our piece also has a license plate bracket molded into it so you don't have to fabricate or bend any pieces of metal like our competitors under seat enclosures.

We call this tail light super bike tail because the seat pan area where the rider sits is filled in and flat and uses close cell race padding instead of the stock upholstery.

It says you have a 98this would tell me that it is a FI bike. It incorporates the tail section area and the solo seat cowl all molded as a one-piece unit.

How to Remove Gas Tank??? If you do what is listed above you will have gass everywere.

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Pull up the over flow the other hose that comes off the back of your tank remove the two bolts in the front of the tank and prop up the tank with your tank stand. You will need to drill some mounting holes in the subframe to mount this bracket.

If you like, you can trace the other two hoses back to the motor and cap them off. We rectified their mistake. This tail section is race legal for most race organizations or can be used on a street bike for a custom race bike look. Two crome ones on the side and then two small ones at the back of the riders seat.

Take off the rear tail, there should be 8 screws.

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The tail light area is filled in for race purposes but is easily cut open for street use. We've taken the right and left seat sides, the solo seat cowl area, and the tail light area and molded it into a one-piece unit. If the smog is there, you will have to trace the hose that comes out of the rear, left side tank.

Click here to see the '01 undertails: This should be routed to the right side of the bike and go into a black can mounted to the subframe under your right leg.

Stompgrip Tank Pad Suzuki GSXR 600 / GSXR 750 2011-2018

Simply drill the mounting holes, bolt on your bike, and then go for a ride! This '01 style tail is a low and sleek design that will make your tail look a lot less bulky.

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Now you can lower the tank and remove the two bolts from the back of it. Ask your sales rep for a price today! You need this piece if you go racing with stock lowers. Lift the tank and your done Does not work with '01 style tail. The professional and best looking way to solve this problem.