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They both are independent and totally different from other girls in their high school. Hence, those who thrive in and enjoy the emotional turbulence of Peach Girl, I hope this list of similar anime serves to satisfy that need.

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Unfortunately paired together as a comedic duo by their peers, Risa struggles to move their relationship out of the friend-zone. Originally a manga and now a famous anime in the shoujo genre, Misaki is similar to Momo because they both have loud and strong personalities.

I mean a glacial pace reveals his feelings for her. April - September Kaicho wa Maid-sama! In that process, she meets a new man, Tsuruga Ren, hito raya dating annoyingly cold hottie that slowly No joke: So once she enters high school, she changes herself to be less ladylike in order to fit in with the other girls.

As Momo faces the countless sabotages by Sae, Kyouko also encounters frustrations which leave audience hopelessly cheering for them.

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Den Hi there, Den here! In the next semester, Kou and Futaba wind up in the same class and both of them become class president and co-class president.

Loyal to the harem genre, Shuurei has other love interests which contribute to the rollercoaster ride of emotions.

But now Kou does not have feelings for her anymore. Due to the fact that the female popularity is a minority, Misaki takes up the job of revamping the school to allow female students to feel safe.

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In their new lives together, Tooru attempts to get closer to the two boys and discovers tapetum online dating hidden family secret: Although, she begins with getting her heart broken by her childhood friend, Fuwa Shoutaro.

Through time, he takes a liking to Misaki. Shuurei wants to work for the government with the new emperor, but in that era it is forbidden for a woman to take up that post.

However, we can all agree that a shoujo anime is incomplete without a wavering heart heroine.

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The story is about a descendent of a noble family Shuurei Hong Kou who has fallen to hard times. The overlapping tropes of Peach Girl and Fruits Basket is the incessant cycle of heartbreak and restoration.

They both work hard to get what they want. Feed me Dangos and I'll be your friend. April - September Lovely Complex tells the tale of Koizumi Risa, who falls in love with a boy way shorter than her, Ootani Atsushi. Lovely complex opening 1 Episodes: I've a huge Kansai heart and a bishie fan.

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Unlike the rest, Mogami Kyouko is not a weepy love-obsessed girl that spirals down into an eternal weepy drama. One day, Shuurei is offered to work for the emperor as his consort to teach the emperor in being a better ruler for a period of 6 months.

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However, they both prove otherwise in the development of the anime. Throughout the anime she advances toward the path of vengeance and victory.

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Futaba is very pretty and is admired by loads of boys in junior high school. Adapted from a famous shoujo manga and trailing its live-action movie, this romantic comedy anime, with a taste of charming Osaka-ben, has captured the hearts of many viewers.

May the reign of confused lead females prevail. This anime takes place in Seika High School, once an all-boy school but recently changed to a co-ed school.

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Slowly, throughout the anime, Kou eventually recovers his feelings for Futaba. Saiunkoku trailer So, there you have it, 6 anime like Peach Girl. Fruits Basket is a story about Honda Tooru, who unexpectedly lives with two classmates; the cool Souma Yuki, and the abrasive Souma Kyou.

Lovely Complex is definitely a must watch if you have enjoyed Peach Girl, as it is definitely not lacking in the love department.

Peach Girl Episode 15

Both of them try to overcome their flaws and end up stronger characters than before. October - March Skip Beat!

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The boys cannot be hugged by the opposite sex unless they want to puff into their assigned zodiac animals. Futaba has many friends who were her so-called good friend but soon reveal themselves to be total mean girls.

April - February Saiunkoku Monogatari is set in an ancient mythological land. Even though they both are very mischievous, they always have good intentions and in the end, are always there for the main female character.

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Takumi is similar to Okayasu Kairi as they are known for being the popular boys in school. Shuurei is a strong and loud woman just like Momo. Unfortunately, Takumi finds out and keeps it to himself.

Because of that, many girls are jealous of her and Futaba is ostracised. It is a shoo-in for tugging at your heartstrings as you cheer for Risa to finally get with the right guy!

Peach Girl Episodes

Although elements of fantasy set this anime apart from the rest, it still draws similar emotions of a comedic and dramatic love-story. Through the anime, Ryuuki also flaunts over his love for men but despite that, he and Shuurei slowly grow fond of each other.

While Momo is shy about her dark skin, Risa is equally resentful of her tall stature.