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My mother and Ivan are cycling up to see it, stopping off at bed-and-breakfast places on the way. But, Mr Swayward, my client, Mrs Mole, was not a reasonable person at the time. Friday February 27th Eleanor very gloomy tonight after the lesson. The Mole alegeri 1990 candidating Braithwaite families play central roles, and George and Pauline are much more rounded.

She maintained that 'A good hard slap across the back of his legs would have helped him to settle down at night.

Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years (a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Never once have William, Glenn and I sat down to breakfast together with that glow on our faces that the families in advertisements are blessed with. A headline said', 'What Next?

Oh, let them, Cherie. Glenn's reading age has improved by two years in as many weeks.

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He is now almost on a par with the average nine-year-old. The presenter, Dave Wonky surely not his real nameintroduced me 'as the latest talent to emerge from Ashby-de-la-Zouch. She was a middle-aged woman in the grip of a menopausal fixation about Sir Anthony Hopkins, the film actor, who had recently donated one million pounds towards the purchase of the said mountain.

I hope Eleanor's Fiat wasn't damaged. I only have to turn my back and it's littered itself with objects.

Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years

She said, 'I've been wrestling with my personal demons. Bill Broadway is on the roof playing Radio Two at full volume. Mr Wonky played the jingle and read out the traffic news. He doesn't know what an index is. I am a knee, shoulders, neck, ankle and wrist man. She put her oversize black coat on and left in rather a hurry.

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I wish they'd just stay together for a while: My mother phoned at 10 a. Nobody rang, so Mr Wonky gave out a further clue. He then invited listeners to phone in and ask me questions.

Spock may have been sound on Vietnam, but he was oh-so-wrong on badminton nets.

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She said, 'Are we celebrating? My sons were disgusted.

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You're dropping toast crumbs all over the upholstery. Wonky said, 'It's not a crime to be a man yet, is it, Yvonne?

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Does it matter, Cherie? I said, 'Almost PS76 for two bits of rubber! The cot's legs, not my legs. My own father was an I struggled to get into it but had nothing to substitute it with, so I kept it on.


A reasonable person might. I'll just cross from the Aga to the window, while still carrying the frying-pan, and look out and tell you. If he wasn't exactly dragging his feet, he was certainly dragging his trainers. Tuesday February 24th Publication Day Today should have been a great day in my life.

As ever, self-contained and part of the larger Mole arc at once, The a Cappuccino Years is a fabulous entry in the series.

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Eleanor gazed into the flames and gave a loud sigh. He said he would send a subcontractor round: The best point about Adrian Mole is that I could see a little bit of myself in him. Experimented with adding the Blairs. It was all I could do to stop myself from stroking her delicate wrists.