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His ulterior aim is to tip the ethnographic balance on the east bank and thereby bring down the Hashemites. However correct about Hussein, the general argument remains invalid, for it rips quotes to the effect that Palestine equals Jordan out of context.

But anything that encourages this temptation is unfortunate, for the likely costs to Israel of such a course would be staggeringly high. This conclusion is as close to certain as anything can be in human affairs. A Difficult Moment It is particularly hard on Israelis not to have a Jordan-is-Palestine option now-precisely when the alternative ways to deal with the West Bank and Gaza Strip have also faded away.

Yes, it has working air conditioning! The lack of cities meant no high civilization. The search for an Arab interlocutor that began over twenty years ago, when Moshe Dayan announced that he was waiting for a telephone call, must go on.

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In this way, the kindred notions of Jordan-is-Palestine and Greater Israel join the demographic and political issues facing Israel today to create the political agenda of the Israeli right.

Each of these points implies a lesser status for the eastern side of the Jordan.

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Taking over in Amman would only confirm the utility of PLO intransigence and boost its most vicious elements. And even if Palestinian rule should be inevitable, why speed up the process? The Torah Numbers In fact, the east bank lacked any ruler; Paris stayed away, London did not seek direct control, and the Hashemites had other priorities.

The following reflects what the author submitted, and not exactly what was published. Hoskins, went so far as to observe that the river made residents of the east and west banks "strangers, or enemies, to each other.

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The Jordan River in Sovereign power would also allow the PLO for the first time ever to pose a serious military challenge to Israel.

The nature of his conflict with the PLO remains unchanged.

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And then there were the savage animals. This meant, Frank G. The moment now calls for a re-affirmation of first principles. So great were the difficulties, that on the second evening we were in a direct line but twelve miles distant from Tiberias. Already in Biblical times, the east side was a hinterland where the pursued could flee and disappear, as David did after Absalom's revolt.

The meandering Jordan River, as it used to be. Symbolic of the two states' mutual needs, their leaders have met with each other about twenty times since King 'Abdallah met with Golda Meir in November Overall this Acty is in good condition with just 81k original miles.

Trade and industry were absent. If you prefer your steering wheel on the left side, there's always the Korean-market Daihatsu Hijet aka Asia Towner. Dismal as prospects for a settlement look, hasty action is even worse.

Like Israel, the Hashemites gain from anything that reduces the intensity of the Arab-Israeli conflict. In the southern part of the Roman province of Arabia was added to Palaestina; in territory east and south of the Dead Sea were separated and called Palaestina Salutaris.

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Calls did eventually come from Egypt and Lebanon, even from Jordan, but never from the Palestinians. It features air conditioning, a sunroof, a cc engine and impressive hauling capabilities rivaling those of short-bed trucks.

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Some say that because Palestinians make up so much of the Jordanian population, are much more dynamic, and will never be convinced to see themselves as Jordanians, they will eventually take over the country. Finally, it implies that the Israelis may be justified in expelling Arabs to Jordan, their true Palestinian patrimony.

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Its forests had disappeared into the stores of the Hejaz Railway, for fuel or railway ties. Nor is this just the view of politicians; Mordechai Nisan, a scholar, explains that "nobody ever considered the two sides of the Jordan River anything but integral parts of a single land called Palestine.

It has cargo space comparable to modern SUVs, despite its small stature. Hussein says he is deferring to the PLO; actually, he hopes to divide and destroy and then return.

Naming the region after the Philistine residents of the coast, they called it Palaestina. The Street has a inch wheelbase, which is five inches shorter than the MG Midget's. Mechanically this vehicle needs nothing and is ready for the road. In March Winston Churchill, the colonial secretary, found it "necessary immediately to occupy militarily Trans-Jordania.

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Many of those now content with the rather mild brew that the king serves them will be jolted into action by the PLO's far stronger tonic.

This state shall enjoy all the characteristics of sovereignty. The Palestine Liberation Organization has often declared Jordan a part of Palestine, and occasionally lays formal claim to it. Not surprisingly, early Zionists and their Christian supporters assumed that parts of the east bank would be incorporated into Jewish Palestine.

The two banks differ now more than ever, for things took off in twentieth-century Palestine. Israelis would have one enemy fewer; their growing anxiety over questions raised by Israel's Arab residents would be eased by a transfer of populations within Palestine.

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Their periodic claims to Hussein's kingdom also reflect an intent to bring down the Hashemites as a aid to conquering Palestine.

Our people is one and our family is one. Roads were severely lacking.


It matters greatly if the next government of Israel thinks that Jordan is Palestine, and if the king of Jordan disagrees. This model received the rectangular head light face lift which gives it a very distinct look. Universities have sprung up, the country's population is much expanded, and the nomadic life is fast disappearing.

Indeed, following theArabs who fled in the havoc of the June war, at least anotherhave crossed since September They have never been ruled as two separate states except during the British Mandate. At the center of this transformation was the British effort to build alliances for its war effort against Germany.