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How did you go about casting the film? Whereas French actors tend to work on a day-by-day basis, English actors are more like distance runners. The story is ridiculous not necessarily the author's fault, I haven't read the bookthe acting is over the top, and film-making is just terrible I lost track of the number of green-screens present, but trust me when I say, there's a lot of them!

I could have continued playing with this rather farcical caricature, but I also wanted to explore Angel's complexities, discover her fragility behind the protective shield of her image as a strong woman who has rapidly climbed the social ladder.

Or struggling in the shadows and gaining recognition only after you're dead, like Van Gogh? When we were looking for funding in England, nobody could figure out why a French filmmaker would want to make an English period film: It was really out of friendship that she accepted the small role of Hermione, who mirrors the audience's dubious attitude toward Angel.

I just needed to see it! I stopped about half way through because the version I watched was really bad quality, and the only reason for a star was because of Fassbender.

Women today can relate to her.

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And they both lead failed lives. My boyfriend has taken this to heart over the years, and thinks it's funny. What persuaded you to choose Romola Garai?

More successful was Les Egomoneyac yahoo dating Criminels, which followed a year later. I'd take it further and say we are drawn in by her determination to write, and aren't concerned about how good the writing is.

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But when Angel moves to Paradise House, the historical references and the realism disappear. Does art breathe life into us, or suck it out?

Art can cross centuries, but online dating dangers essay definition also made for immediate consumption.

Will my work survive the test of time? We realize that Angel's writing is not brilliant about twenty minutes into the film, when she's watching a play that has been adapted from one of her novels. It was considered by Ozon as a very personal film that gives insight into the difficult process of writing a novel or screenplay.

I shan't detail them - you can write this script for yourself. She was actually there to play Nora! Having fame, fortune and angel francois ozon online dating during your lifetime before sliding into oblivion? Ozon's first full English-language production Angelstarring Romola Garaiwas released in early Mention the First World War and what do you think you'll get?

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But I tried to temper the ridicule and the clear absence of literary merit with Angel's emotional reaction to her success. The biggest crime though.

The director next adapted an early, unproduced play by a thenyear-old Rainer Werner Fassbinder for his next project, Water Drops on Burning Rocks.

At the beginning, she finds Angel uncouth and annoying and thus judges her harshly, but her opinion gradually changes over the course of the film and by the end she defends Angel, saying that while she doesn't care for the writer, she understands the woman and feels some admiration for what she has accomplished.

A Summer Dress would be released in the U. During the screen tests, I realized that many of them actually wanted to be Angel. In the book, Nora keeps her brother's mistress a secret from Angel in order to keep Angel for herself.

That scene was invented to visually illustrate the essence of her writing. Why this particular book?

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I needed realism in the beginning, to bring to life the world Angel is trying to escape: You'll have to bin it, or send it to Oxfam - possibly without getting to the end. With its quirky mix of musical numbers and murder mystery and a production design harking back to s Hollywood melodramas such as those directed by Douglas Sirkthe film became a huge commercial success.

ANGEL is your first period film with costumes. Angel is choc-a-bloc with vivid colors, a myriad of characters weaving tangled webs, single scenes covering the gamut of emotions and contradictions Every day Romola would have a big scene to play and need to tap into a wide emotional spectrum.

Michael Fassbender has those qualities, he's a mix of irony and brute force. The text Angel reads at church reveals that she has rewritten their love story, and we could assume her tears are exaggerated. As for Sam Neill, he read the script right away and loved it. But I think Angel is sincerely moved.

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I wanted her to have some appeal, not just be a slavish doormat devoted body and soul to her idol. I preferred doing the film my way, with lesser-known actors and a smaller budget. The film, based on a novel by British writer Elizabeth Taylorfollows the story of a poor girl who climbs Edwardian England's social ladder by becoming a romance writer.

This is an absolute 'how not to do it' - and I suspect that the fault lies in the original book in which unrealistic events happen to unlikeable and cardboard characters in a relentless series of completely foreseeable 'developments'.

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Her art is in service to her life. So I asked my composer Philippe Rombi to take inspiration from Skinner's melodramatic music and not be afraid to wax lyrical, while at the same time coming up with a theme melody that reflects Angel's secret aspirations and thus facilitates audience identification with her.

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We were free to enter Angel's imaginary world, indulging in and sharing her childlike bad taste, which brings to mind Louis II's castles in Bavaria! I'd worked with Charlotte twice before, and it meant a lot to me to have her with me on my first English-language film.

This inspires sympathy for her and piques our curiosity, especially when she's writing. He's Irish, he has a different accent and a different manner than the English, he's more quirky and raw. In he directed the film 5x2. Is it just a coincidence that you took on such complex, classical material in England, with English actors?

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I wanted to show the creative force of someone who is capable of inventing an imaginary world, and who takes great pleasure in doing it. But I wanted to show all sides of that coin, and reveal her multiple facets. The scenes were not shot in chronological order, but she was always prepared to play different ages and modify her accent to fit the scene we were doing.

Romola said she would work on her scenes a week in advance. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that she touched people in her time, provided escape. I was apprehensive about it, but I soon managed to make myself understood.

Taylor acknowledges her ability to write and her drive to become famous, but ridicules her constantly, describing her as bizarre and unattractive.

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What I found most fascinating, beyond tackling the melodrama, was working with the passage of time: Here again, I felt that in order for us to like Angel on screen, we had to believe in the sincerity of her love.