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Pawniard is now stuck in the ground. They eventually find that the Hikozaru and Pochama have been trapped by an Ariados.

The third match is Luke vs. Stephan, Ash, Iris, and Cilan have dinner together. Iris, who plans on becoming a Dragon Master, agrees to help.

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Lenora sends out Herdier again and Ash sends out Tepig as before. The gang decide to help Luke out with his dilemma while Team Rocket decides to steal Zorua. It eats them and evolves into Archeops and taylor radio carbon dating to fly.

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He knocks over the pot in his anger, and regrets it instantly. Ash and the gang battle Team Rocket and eventually destroy the machine, causing the Audino to snap out of hypnosis. She casts her rod around wildly, eventually hooking onto Ash's jacket. Deeper in the forest, the group comes across a large tree where they believe the Sewaddle is hiding.

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He sends Pansage out to battle it, and after some missed shots, Pansage weakens the Basculin and allows Cilan to catch it. Georgia, although upset, still claims she is a Dragon Buster.

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After the mask was behind glass, the Yamask woke up, and finding the mask trapped in the case, became angry. When the new Hikozaru and Pochama escape from the lab, Hikari agrees to help find them, with Shinko following her taking notes on the way. Pignite is defeated by Pikachu, but Bianca says that she will get better for their next battle.

Pokemon Season 14: Black and White

After Don George sees the Tepig, he explains to Ash that it was left behind by a trainer who tied it up after it lost a battle at the Club; it later escaped with the rope still tied. This angers Oshawott and it uses Razor Shell to get some apples but the Watchog aren't happy about that and retaliate, only to crash into a tree and cause Simisear to fall out of a tree and become angry.

Oshawott holds his own for a while before Watchog separates Oshawott from his shell and uses Thunderbolt to defeat him. Ash wins the round and moves on.

Emolga uses Hidden Power again which makes a direct hit.

Black and White Warriors

Emolga counters with Attract as well canceling the effects. After they leave, the gang sees a UFO zigzagging through the sky which cannot be explained.

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Daniela then decides that she should battle the Trubbish Squad to determine whether or not Trubbish should stay. Burgundy tries to put Cilan down, but Snivy uses Vine Whip to slap her away.

Druddigan faces off against Yamask and Woobat, protecting everyone from the attacks until it learns Draco Meteor to retaliate, giving enough time for Pikachu and Axew to use Electro Ball and Dragon Rage which Axew manages to pull off perfectly to blast Team Rocket off.

Hinoarashi suddenly evolves into Magmarashi, saving everyone from the Ariados with its powerful Eruption attack.

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Ash decides he wants to capture it for the energy and spunk it has, but it manages to defeat both Oshawott and Tepig. Take Back Your Home!! They shoot the next scene with no cuts, during which Team Rocket interrupts by capturing Zorua.

He decides to enter the battle tournaments held in Nimbasa Town.

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When the match begins, Oshawott is able to withstand the more powerful Shock Wave with the stone Scalchop until it shatters. The first match is Georgia vs.

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Ash knocks on the door, only for it to open by itself. Eventually the plants consume the lab and begin to grow the fruit that Archen likes. Bianca recalls Pignite and sends out her Minccino next and uses Attract. Ash finds out that it wants to battle Pikachu.

He rushes off to check on his experiment as Cilan and the others follow to see the professor's flying saucer. They destroy the plants and capture Archeops in an electrically charged net.

Pokemon: Black & White (Dub)

Georgia has ordered Pawniard to use Guillotine on a fallen Snivy. Later, after Scraggy gets in a fight with Iris's Axew, she and Ash decide that Scraggy should have a new battle, resulting in a draw after the two collide and knock each other out.

They realize that something is very wrong with it. The next day, Georgia comes across the group again after she has eaten their breakfast, and Iris challenges her to a match, again.

Back at the school, the Sandile with sunglasses arrives and the children have Trubbish battle it. Elsewhere, Pierce directs Team Rocket to bring the meteorite they stole to a lab for study.

It seems that Sewaddle likes everyone in the group except Ash. The two Audino snap out of the hypnotic state while Cilan suggests that someone must be using sound waves to lure the Audino and tells Ash to call out Roggenrola because of its sensitive hearing.

They tell her about the Roggenrola from earlier, but Nurse Joy tells them that they rarely come out of the caves. Elsewhere, Jessie, James, and Meowth receive orders that the mission is over and they change into their original white outfits, and James captures a nearby Yamask.

However, his excitement quickly fades when he finds out that he is actually in Nimbasa Town. Blitzle uses Shock Wave, but Oshawott is able to block it with his Scalchop shell. The battle pursues with Pawniard about to use Guillotine on a fallen Snivy.

Pawniard uses Guillotine, which Snivy successfully dodges in time to avoid knockout. Intent on catching Emolga, Bianca asks everyone to help find it once it escapes. Pokemon Naito no Densetsu!! Shortly after, Bianca comes charging, crashes into Ash, and once again, knocks him in water.