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While Fairy Tail has become a household name over the years, Mashima Hiro has had other successes with his other one-off mangas but more notably Rave, which is the manga that really paved the way for him in the manga community.

One of the characters that I think of is Acnologia. In terms of design, Fairy Tail is unique when it comes to designs. August - Present Number one really needs no introduction because quite frankly, we 99 turkey dating app it numerous times in almost every paragraph.

This my personal taste so I inserted it into the character. It has spawned countless adaptations including its very popular television series, an ongoing sequel, and two very well received animated films.

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I have actually worked on weekly and monthly series at the same time. So if the fans find some flaws in the continuity, I am actually excited to know that people are reading that much into it.

It also gave us a glimpse of his artwork and how he manages to retain the same formula going into many of his works, such as the art direction and story plot. While Mashima is known for his use of magic throughout his many works, especially Fairy Tail, surprisingly he stuck with a more traditional approach and focused mainly on the use of swords, with subtle hints of magic thrown in.

One shot manga are quite common in Japan and typically is a great way to make a name for yourself as an upcoming mangaka.

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Throughout her arduous journey she meets up with other friends who assist her, along with Jirou, to ensure that whoever is behind all of the thievery will be stopped. I have no problem eating and sleeping.

The fact that I didn't know what was going to happen next was actually the best part of working on this series. You have traditionally used more Western influences in your work.

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As you read deeper into the story you start to see just where Fairy Tail got its inspiration from. His works have lasted for more than a decade which is extremely good when you consider just how many manga are out there. They seem to be both strong and sexy at the same time and self-confident.

I was thinking about it a little bit, but it wasn't the highest priority. The humor and action definitely sell the story a lot more, with the occasional perverse scenes to grab your attention but with a more relaxed approach.

When you are working on a manga in a magazine, it is up to the reader's polls and feedback whether you can actually stay in the magazine.

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Why did you decide to make him like that? Monster Hunters as their name implies, make it their life purpose to seek out and hunt the very strongest of monsters, and to take whatever remnants they find along the way with them.

Much of the story revolves around the adventurous treasure hunter named Zephyr and his companion Sol, as they scour the world in search for a statue of a goddess that sits atop a mountain.

Fairy Tail was serialized in a weekly magazine. Think of this manga like a read only version of the actual game, but then throw in some Fairy Tail elements such as character design and action, and you have yourself a wonderful treat. July - July This is the series that started it all for Mashima, and catapulted him from the bottom of the barrel to the top of the shounen food chain.

It is more important to me to make the story exciting and really portray the emotions of each character. Aki is the leader of the pack and not your ordinary human, as he hides his true features under his big hood.

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I wish I could draw more of her. To be quite honest, the chapters that have the death of a really important character get a lot of reaction.

In terms of manga, it usually one person thinks of the story and everything is centered on that one storyline, so, if there is an opportunity to branch off, that's actually a good thing. There is a character named Brandish.

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An illustration of Brandish from Mashima's Twitter account " In the American comic book industry, it is common for multiple people to work on the same comic. Since a weekly series has such a fast production pace, were you able to take care of yourself by eating and sleeping?

Every time I actually make a costume change, there's usually something that I didn't like about the character design so I refresh them. However, in the guild of Fairy Taileverybody is collaborating and working together, so most of those characters work on their own talents and refine them so they are able to give more help to the others.

I find Zeref very interesting.

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Haru is honest in his ways and lets nothing belittle his ambitions to set things straight for the sake of humanity, and to bring people together to fight for peace. It just goes to show you how spectacular this series is, and how far Mashima has come as a story and art mangaka.

Rave Master was about friends saving the whole world, but Fairy Tail is about closer-knit relationships. Leave a comment if you enjoy my articles and watch me play on twitch.

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Closing Statement Despite not having a large collection of hits under his belt, Mashima has managed to silence the critics and bring truth to the phrase, quality over quantity. As you can imagine, working on a weekly series is very difficult.

I have the next set of characters in my mind, but I won't be able to post those on my social media, so that's why I post those doodles on my social media. Many comic book artists have said that they know the last page of the series before they start.