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In the human soul they inspire pride, egotism, disinterest in one's fellow Men, fiery emotionalism, subjectivity, fantasy, and hallucination.

Parousia was translated into Latin as adventus, which means arrival, thus helping to give rise to the expectation of a anthroposophie online dating arrival of Christ. For now, I am trying only to counter the widespread opinion that soul and spirit are nebulous, meaningless terms.

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Indeed, intimidating a witness pavona can personally experience how the Ahrimanic principle can be a blessing if applied in the right way, through cold, objective self-contemplation in impersonal thinking.

Ahrimanic spirits, in rhythmic inter-relations.

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Ahriman seeks to divert and pervert these three destined developments of the Consciousness Soul Epoch, through the activity of angels who rejected the Christ influence during the Egypto-Chaldean Epoch.

Philistinism, tedium, and alienation, lack of interest in one's work, even in intellectual work Ahriman wants knowledge to be devoid of warm human interest and connection, to be stored in libraries and not to live in human souls.

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He was a fierce opponent of popular antisemitism, but asserted that there was no justification for the existence of Judaism and Jewish culture in the modern world, a radical assimilationist perspective which saw the Jews completely integrating into the larger society.

The crimes of the secret Anglo-American power groups include the instigation of the First World War and the consequent establishment of the Bolshevik regime in the East. This account is ridiculously simplified, for the purpose of providing a bare conceptual framework for this essay.

Actually, the term "second coming" is not in the New Testament; the Greek word is parousia, meaning roughly "active anthroposophie online dating.

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Again, the basic reality of the world is spiritual beings together with their deeds, but Ahriman promotes the illusion, the lie, that matter is the basic reality, or the only reality.

Thus it becomes clear to us through spiritual science that the being whom we call Christ is to be recognized as the center of life on earth, that the Christian religion is the ultimate religion for the earth's whole future.

This is being brought to completion through the development of the electronic computer.

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The destiny of the "East" meaning the Slavic regions and eastwards is to give rise to an "eugenic occultism": Obviously, these impulses are running amok in this world, more so all the time.

Steiner calls this stage Inspiration.


Also inby a fortuitous comedy of errors, the planet Pluto was discovered. Anthroposophie online dating could eventually rise to the rank of Spirits of Freedom and Love, and not sink to the level of earth-bound, animalistic, clever automata.

Also, the susceptibility to disease originated from Luciferic influence. Moral impulses in the human soul were prepared by Hebrewism and furthered by Christianity.

In the kind of consciousness usual in our "scientific" culture, we become conscious only of the fixed results of the thinking, after it has been accomplished; we are not usually conscious of the thinking-process itself.

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A perspicacious American folk-wisdom has coined the phrase "the Almighty Dollar". This is a deep subject, and I am not altogether sure of my grasp of it. Steiner added to this the conception that a further step in the development of thinking is possible when the thinker observes his or her own thought processes.

Steiner put it this way: This knowledge was to consist of everything that mankind, under the plan of the regular Gods, was to learn through its own efforts by the height of the present, Consciousness Soul Epoch. Rudolf Steiner This essay is based, directly or indirectly, on the "spiritual science", or "Anthroposophy", promulgated by Rudolf Steiner in the first quarter of the Twentieth Century.

The occult machinations were hardly known to the public. Perverting the Eugenic Occultism, destructive sex impulses affect the whole social life, working against the development of conscious human brotherhood, and making a mankind entirely egotistical and entirely controlled by instinctive urges carried in the blood.

Sorat uses Lucifer and Ahriman as spirits of seduction to mask his own true intention of pure destruction.

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We might say that the physical world acts on the soul through sensation; the soul lives in its own feelings, and acts upon the world through the will. In America the Ahrimanic influence is strong, rising from the center of the earth, carried by electromagnetism.

Neither are these epochs considered to be sharply differentiated; transitions happen gradually, future developments being prepared in advance, and past influences lingering after.

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Our specific task for the Consciousness Soul Epoch is to acquire three great truths, the same truths that Sorat wished to foist upon mankind in the Seventh Century, with his own slant. Steiner too has been almost totally ignored by scientists in the West, slightly less so in Central Europe.

The essence

It is a false, Ahrimanic science that sees cloud formation as a merely material process of evaporation and condensation of "water molecules"; this is rather a process of de-materialization and re-materialization through the workings of the ethers.

Contrary to common misconception, thought is not subjective, but objective, in that it belongs to the whole world, accessible to all.

Plants, animals, and Man all have ethereal, formative-force "bodies", and when the ethereal body forsakes the physical body, the physical body becomes ordinary matter; in other words, it dies.

I believe that this sense of "something in the air" is a correct perception, albeit sometimes highly distorted.

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Human speech and thought are Luciferic in origin; so are human self-consciousness and the capacity for independence and rebellion against the normal Gods' world-order. Back to Table of Contents The Epoch of Consciousness The fundamental principle in this, the Consciousness Soul Epoch, is the emergence in the Man of conscious, individualized, independent thinking.

In more recent times, one can notice that the "crude materialism" given to the public is beginning to be replaced by a more quasi-esoteric materialism.

His mode of scientific thinking was quite different form the Baconian-Ahrimanic mode, and likewise he illustrated it with a telling metaphor.

Steiner, especially in his book Die Philosophie der Freiheit [; ], has been our teacher of real thinking, but the general intellectual culture has not learned the lesson. See Emil Bock's St. Suffice it to say, for now, that Steiner, out of his clairvoyant initiation-knowledge, revealed that the Incarnation of Christ was the turning-point of the evolution of the earth, and of mankind, from descent into the physical toward ascent into the spiritual.

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He wants us to be unconscious; it is our responsibility to strive to be more and more conscious, and to inculcate consciousness in as many people as we can. The Ahrimanic tendency is evil only when it exceeds proper bounds, when it reaches into what should be alive -- and Ahriman does try to exceed proper bounds.

He suggested that a combination of spiritual exercises for example, concentrating on an object such as a seedmoral development control of thought, feelings and will combined with openness, tolerance and flexibility and familiarity with other spiritual researchers' results would best further an individual's spiritual development.

The great Pagan initiates took it upon themselves to enter into the Luciferic influence and turn it to the good of mankind. It is for this reason that the occurrences and trends in which Ahriman is working for his future incarnation must be brought to light.

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By spirit I mean the essence of thought. It also guarantees the capacity to distinguish between false perceptions or illusions which are possible in perceptions of both the outer world and the inner world and true perceptions: The events of which I speak are the approaching incarnation of a powerful super-human spiritual being, following the concomitant political, social, economic, and cultural events.

Electricity is the "sub-natural", rigidifying shadow of soul forces. Pluto, of course, is the god of the underworld, and the discovery of "his" planet was a synchronistic harbinger of the unleashing of the sub-material "powers of the pit" upon earth: If the Man does not take up these pictures consciously, they sink down into the ethereal body and act as unconscious instincts through the influence of the Ahrimanic angels.