Anxiety Disorder Treatment – 7 Tips To Cure Panic Attacks

Anxiety Disorder TreatmentChoosing a natural anxiety disorder treatment instead of drugs and medicines can be an effective solution in the long run, as natural cures have fewer side effects compared to medications.

Still, before starting to use traditional remedies for controlling your symptoms, make sure you ask for your physician’s advice, as not all herbs and plants used as treatment for anxiety disorder are completely free of harmful effects.

Ideally, a treatment for social anxiety disorder or for any other form of panic disorder should work on the nervous system and induce a calming and relaxing sensation, as symptoms of anxiety usually manifest when the patient is too stressed, nervous, tired or worried.

Given below are some of the most common herbs used as anxiety attacks treatment so in case you’re among those sufferers wondering how to stop anxiety attacks without drugs, give yourself the time to read out brief recommendations.

Bergamot – Treatment For Anxiety Disorder

One of the most common essential oils used as alternative anxiety disorder treatment, Bergamot oil has lots of beneficial effects on one’s health, being a strong and potent antibacterial, antiseptic and analgesic agent. Also, it works as a diuretic, improves digestion and enhances breathing, acting like an expectorant and a tonic for the nervous system.

Considered a hybrid between lemons and oranges, Bergamot is proven to efficiently reduce anxiety symptoms, relieving stress and tension and inducing a deep relaxation feeling. Most of the times the oil is used for massage but can also be found in liquid extracts, diluting the oil being a must before using it orally or topically.

Effective in reducing skin problems, in eliminating urinary tract infections and relieving symptoms caused by colic and gas, Bergamot oil won’t cure your anxiety manifestation overnight but will surely help you manage your condition in a healthier way.

Frankincense – Treatment For Social Anxiety Disorder

A less popular essential oil used as anxiety disorder treatment is Frankincense, also referred to as Olibanum and known for its aromatic scent. The resin obtained from the tree Boswellia thurifera is efficient in reducing symptoms of anxiety and panic, its delicately sweet and woody undertones calming and relaxing the entire body.

Available as liquid extract, the oil can be used for massage and aromatherapy in people with respiration problems and also in those dealing with high levels of stress, with irritability, nervousness and physical and mental tension.

Just like the other essential oils recommended as natural remedies for panic and anxiety attacks, this ingredient equilibrates the body and mind, being very helpful in promoting a positive attitude, an enhanced self esteem level and a deep sensation of comfort and calmness.

How To Stop Anxiety Attacks With Cedar Wood?

Cedar wood is often recommended to people suffering from skin problems, hair loss and dandruff, but it’s an efficient anxiety disorder treatment as well, studies taken on this ingredient proving its beneficial effects against nervousness, stress and tension.

With a sweet, soft and deep woody scent, cedar wood is generally used as oil for massage or inhalation. The ingredient calms down the spirit and mind, promoting an overall feeling of well being. Also, it enhances the quality of sleep, relaxes tensed muscles, eases joint pain, keeps unexplained fears and worries away and improves breathing.

Cedar wood is helpful in meditation, has antiseptic and antibacterial properties and it’s a mild astringent with positive effects on oily skin and hair.

Chinese Skullcap As Treatment For Anxiety Disorder

Skullcap or Chinese skullcap is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine as a mild relaxant for relieving nervous tension, reducing anxiety symptoms, treating convulsions and induce sleep. Individuals dealing with epilepsy, insomnia, irritability and nervousness occurring with no apparent reason as well as patients affected by rabies and other conditions involving the nervous system benefit from this natural remedy.

The beneficial action of this ingredient is explained through its sedative effect, Skullcap being known to act directly on the nervous system and stimulate the release of certain substances called neurotransmitters, which are involved in controlling reactions to stress overload and physical and mental tiredness.

The herb is available as powder and liquid extract and it’s often used in combination with other natural remedies, resulting in a more powerful anxiety disorder treatment.

Ginseng – Beneficial As Anxiety Attacks Treatment

Another effective anxiety disorder treatment is Ginseng, herb used in traditional medicine systems for relieving symptoms associated with panic, depression, excessive and unexplained fear. Available in natural supplements, as teas and extracts, as well as in tinctures and capsules,
this ingredient is one of the most appreciated natural remedies for panic attacks.

Considered a tonic for the nervous system, Ginseng has a strong relaxing effect, acting on the adrenal glands and normalizing the heart rate. The natural tranquilizer improves the quality of sleep, keeps depression away and inhibits the production of substances responsible for negative thinking and bad emotions.

Through its complex action, this herb alleviates nervous conditions like anxiety and panic disorders, helping sufferers cope with these ailments’ symptoms and causes in a more effective way.

Geranium Essential Oil – Natural Remedy For Anxiety Disorder

With a sweet floral scent, geranium oil is one of the most appreciated essential oils used as natural remedy against anxiety disorder symptoms. The calming effect of this ingredient relaxes the mind and body, equilibrating the spirit and keeping panic and anxiety crisis away.

Whether you opt for directly inhaling it or you use the geranium oil for local applications or as dietary supplement, you’ll notice some improvements in your health state from the first uses, as the ingredient has quite a powerful action.

The effectiveness of geranium in treating anxiety disorder symptoms seems to come from its ability of cooling the nervous system, alleviating hot flushes and keeping palpitations and fear under control.

Bugleweed – A Natural Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Also referred to as Gypsywort, Bugleweed is recommended to people dealing with thyroid disorders, high blood sugar levels, tuberculosis, hypertension (high blood pressure), digestion problems and hormonal imbalances.

Available as tincture, capsules and liquid extract, Bugleweed helps in relieving anxiety symptoms as it lowers blood pressure, calming the mind and spirit and keeping irritability and nervousness away. Also, it induces a relaxed state and a general feeling of well being, making it easier to cope with stressful situation and demanding tasks.

The cooling and soothing effect of this herb makes muscles relax and prevents insomnia episodes, but unlike antidepressants and sedative drugs, Bugleweed doesn’t have threatening side effects and doesn’t put one’s health at risk. This is why the ingredient is so appreciated by people looking for natural anxiety disorder treatment alternatives.

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