Who's Hotter? 20 Photos Of Big Bang Theory's Penny And Bernadette Who's Hotter? 20 Photos Of Big Bang Theory's Penny And Bernadette

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It should also be interesting to see what role Emily plays in Season 8 going forward.

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I've really enjoyed Stuart's new role as Mrs. It was meant to be over the top and it worked while Kaley showed how dominating her beauty can be. Stuart thanks him, but Howard's mother gave him the money to rebuild his business.

Sheldon says that that is one friend down and one to go.

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Husband Howard dressed as Papa Smurf is distracted by a personal problem, leading to the bizarre sight of the duo having a heart-to-heart talk while completely blue. Naturally, Leonard loves seeing how flexible his wife is while Penny just concentrates on her work.

Hopefully the writers will manage to keep both Emily and Stuart in the mix as Season 8 moves forward. Emily tells her that they're fine.

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Leonard wonders out loud whether Penny ever left anyone off of her list of former lovers. The dress is lovely, showing off her underrated legs in high heels, the black lace skirt and white corset top mixing together for one very hot outfit.

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I'm hoping that running conflict doesn't simply fade away as Stuart reverts to being the pitiful loner. It was nice to see actress Laura Spencer actually put in some face time as Emily, rather than Raj simply referring to his girlfriend offhand once again. Emily also agrees to take a sales call from Penny to help her practice with a real doctor.

He adds that Raj makes it saying that comments like that is why he was alone most of his life.

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Raj and Emily are getting ready to leave saying that they are glad that they worked everything out between them. The main plot has the guys going to a high school to get female students excited about science and naturally their complete inability to understand women causes it to be a mess.

Raj is looking awfully pleased with himself. Amy sides with Penny since they go way back, though she was friends with Bernie longer. The two couples plan to have dinner together soon.

The guys talk about investing in Stuart's store.

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Raj reminds them that Leonard and Penny finally get to meet his girlfriend Emily. Raj loves both of them friend-wise and hopes that they can get along. Is there more potential in her apparently ongoing feud with Penny?

As Penny is an aspiring actress, keeping herself toned works on the show as well and so several scenes will have her trying out yoga moves.

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The cast performed several songs from Grease, dressed in the classic outfits with Melissa Rauch looking great in a s dress and Cuoco making a good Sandy. In the, it turned out Stuart didn't need his friends' money, and it seems his comic shop will be back in business soon.

Then Penny wonders if mounds of credit card debt will affect them financially. What about him and Amy? Sheldon countered that a chicken dinosaur salad sandwich would be totally Mesozoic.

The Hook-up Reverberation

This one from later in the series where Penny has cut her hair is a great example. It has become a crutch for him. As for Amy, she quickly discovered that Sheldon didn't actually want her opinion, just reassurance.

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Penny had a P. She'll do anything to help her little bubala.

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The posse is at Penny's place discussing Emily and Penny doesn't think that she likes her. The relationship between Bernadette and Howard's mom and the way the three of them interact will continue to grow.

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Sheldon wants to purchase the comic store, spread a rumor that coming there will give you genital wartsand then buy a large sack to contain all the money. But I'll say there will always be lingering feelings between Penny, Leonard and Raj.

Early on, we got to see the gang bicker and argue with each other as they reluctantly browsed at Capitol Comics and Sheldon plotted ways to bring ruin upon the store.

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Bernadette was introduced as a waitress as well, using the job to pay for her studies. At the time same, he could be quite rude about it.