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He was Count of Arganil. Antonio Caetano do Amaral He had previously been Bishop of Coimbra He had been Bishop of Lisboa — He was consecrated a bishop on 26 June Agostinho had been Vicar General of his Order in Portugal.

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He was a leader in the plotting against John IV of Portugalwhose accession was not recognized by the Pope. According to the false chronicle of Julian Perez, he and 27 other Christians of Braga were martyred in February He died in March A History of the Councils of the Church: He was consecrated a bishop in Lisbon on 3 January He was named Archbishop of Braga, with permission to retain Lisbon, in He moved to Rome where he was at the Curia by 3 February Thorinp.

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Karl Joseph von Hefele He died on 25 March He followed the Curia back to Italy, and took part in the Conclave at Arezzo on 20—21 January ; that of 2—12 July in Rome; and that of August—September at Viterbo, at which he was elected pope.

Portugal; diccionario historico, biographico, bibliographico, heraldico, chorographico, numismatico e artistico in Portuguese. He was transferred to the diocese of Braga on 5 September He died on 29 April He was the author of several books on the various dioceses over which he presided.

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He died on 8 June He became co-Viceroy of Portugal — Archbishop Martinho died on 25 March He had previously been Bishop of Faro —and Bishop of Lamego — He died on 18 January He was never bishop of Evora: His story is based on the modern Breviary of Braga, which was credulous enough to admit all of the forgeries of "Julian Perez", the alleged eleventh century priest of Toledo.

The delay is accounted for by the long papal sede vacante of April 4, to July 5,and the brief pontificate of Pope Celestine V.

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He studied at Coimbra, and had previously been Bishop of Elvas. Loewenfeld, Regesta pontificum Romanorum I, editio altera Leipzigp.

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He was consecrated a bishop in Lisbon on 14 November He was transferred to Braga on 8 February Da Cunha IIpp. From the Original Documents. There had been a vacancy due to the promotion of Peter Julian to the See of Tusculum in Zattap.