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Her skin was tanned and wrinkled from the sun.

Book Blueback Tim Winton ; illustrations by Andrew Davidson.

How does Tim Winton make us think that Abel is being attacked by a shark? His mother shoved it into her bag and moved along to pick out another. What the character looks like features such as eye colour, hair colour etc. Your teacher will show you some e amples.

In a moment they dived again to work along the bottom, picking abalone and filling their bags. His mother pitched over the side, her fins flashing upwards. Rack off Throttled up chuck Chapter Q1.

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The pair of them climbed into the boat laughing. How detailed your picture turns out is up to you! Small fish came out of the weed and crevices to snaffle bits of meat and pick over the sediment they stirred up.

It made them a few dollars.

Blueback - Tim Winton

Winton uses this conflict to make the reader think about not taking to much from the ocean for your own benefit and preserving what we have.

He looked at his hand; a tiny thread of blood curled into the water.

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Picture poetry can be simple or comple. He had never seen anything so blue in all his life, not the sky nor the sea.

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Even though Able does stop Costello taking more Abalone he still took many undersize fish and broke the law. His mother said he was a diver before he was born; he floated and swam in the warm ocean inside her for nine months, so maybe it came naturally. If you are an artist, this type of poetry was made for you!

He got down into the boat, untied the bowline and pushed them clear.

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The novel so far Q1. II Even while Abel helped his mother shell the abalone and trim the meat for freezing that first day, he was already planning to get back out to Robbers Head to see the groper again.

Able sees Costello taking all the fish and all the Abalone from the bay attempts to stop him. Tiny silver fish hung in nervous schools. He saw the sun melting like butter on sand dunes.

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It is evident, that Find the meaning of each of the following words: The main message in this novel is that we must preserve what we have.

His mother set up a drum of seawater on a gas flame to boil the empty shells clean.

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His mother came gliding up with three abalone in her bag already. Draw a character profile for each of the main characters.

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Orange starfish and yellow plates of coral glowed from the deepest slopes where his mother was already gliding like a bird. Winton constructs Able as a character that makes us think about the environment and other people more.

Reluctantly he stuck the snorkel back in his mouth and put his head under. Picture poems are fun to create!