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We all know that the product of two numbers as also their sum, remains the same, regardless of the order in which they are multiplied or added. Functional equivalence It is apparent that minterm n gives a true value i. For example, the following are two of the eight maxterms of three variables: Now consider X value as 0.

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To this end, there are several rules of Boolean algebra presented in this section for use in reducing expressions to their simplest forms. The next rule looks similar to the first one shown in this section, but is actually quite different and requires a more clever proof: The values of functions are determined by the truth table of this function.

On the very first step, you applied the conversion: These concepts are called duals because of their complementary-symmetry relationship as expressed by De Morgan's lawswhich state that AND x,y,z, I suspect you were thinking of the similar expansion: From Youtube Boolean algebra 2: This is perhaps the most difficult concept for new students to master in Boolean simplification: If one is given a truth table of a logical function, it is possible to write the wasfati jadating as a "product of sums".

Or look at this logically. In the algebra of real numbers, the product does not depend on the order in which the operands are multiplied.

While this may seem like a backward step, it certainly helped to reduce the expression to something simpler! Boolean Rules for Simplification Chapter 7 - Boolean Algebra Boolean algebra finds its most practical use in the simplification of logic circuits.

Functional equivalence It is apparent that maxterm n gives a false value i. He turned mathematical logic into algebra of propositions.

Boolean algebra rules

Also, the addition remains the same irrespective of the order in which two or more numbers are added. You will understand the simplifications as you read. Knowing when to take such a step and when not to is part of the art-form of algebra, just as a victory in a game of chess almost always requires calculated sacrifices.

These forms allow for greater analysis into the simplification of these functions, which is of great importance in the minimization or other optimization of digital circuits.

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Even if one of them is in the OFF position, the circuit is not going to complete, thus leading to no or zero output. Instead, the reduction should be as follows. Thus, a maxterm is a logical expression of n variables that employs only the complement operator and the disjunction operator.

However, to prove that your derivation is incorrect, consider the input of Minterms are called products because they are the logical AND of a set of variables, and maxterms are called sums because they are the logical OR of a set of variables further definition appears in the sections headed Minterms and Maxterms below.

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It started as a speculative science, accessible only to a narrow circle of scientists. They're in Matlab, but they are easy to understand, so that you can repeat the reasoning in any other language.

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There are sixteen possible functions of two variables, but in digital logic hardware, the simplest gate circuits implement only four of them: There are 2n minterms of n variables, since a variable in the minterm expression can be in either its direct or its complemented form--two choices per n variables.

Or see what 1 OR 0 yields.

Sign Rules for Algebra

That was until Englishman George Boole bet in the nineteenth century he would create a science completely detached from reality and without any practical application. I am looking for solved problems under Boolean Algebra Now see what is the output of the OR operation between 0 and its opposite, i.

If X is 1, you would be ANDing 1 with its opposite or negative, which is 0. A truth table is a table used to establish a correspondence between all possible configurations of logical variables in a logical function and the values of these functions.

In whatever order you AND two operands or in whichever order you OR them, their end result does not change.

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C Rules for Simplification of Boolean Expressions The expressions given below are solved based on the identities in Boolean algebra, we just saw.

Indexing minterms In general, one assigns each minterm an index based on a conventional binary encoding of the complementation pattern of the variables where the variables in all the minterms are written in the same order, usually alphabetical.