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You can even plot the locus for a particular point of the animation. Enhanced labeling capabilities let you display attached angles, measurement-based calculation results, and more eActivity Application An eActivity is like a digital worksheet that can be created and worked with on the ClassPad First, second, and n-th order differential equations are supported.

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All of the powerful features and capabilities of the ClassPad can be incorporated into an eActivity. An on-screen soft keyboard helps to simplify entry of complex expressions.

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Graphs, as well as Geometry and Spreadsheet data also can be stored in an eActivity file. In addition to being able to perform the same calculations as the Main application, an eActivity will accept text entry, just like a word processor.

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Differential Equation Application The solution set of a differential equation can be represented graphically as a vector field, and solution curves can be drawn by providing initial conditions for the equation.

Spreadsheet data also can be used in table calculations. Conversely, dropping numerical data into the Geometry window will produce the applicable figure.

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Enhanced Geometric Functions ClassPad supports drawing of conics using a focus, as well as graphing of polar equations and parametric equations. Geometry Application Geometric Graphing Students can learn the general theorems by drawing figures, and can confirm that a theorem still holds true even when the form of the triangle is altered.

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In addition, ClassPad adds the following functions: You can split the display screen between a 3D Graph Editor window and 3D Graph window, or enlarge the 3D Graph window to view a larger graph. Animation An Animation function provides the means to move geometric figures drawn on the screen.

Features User-friendly Interface Pen Touch Operation Intuitive stylus operation for entry of values and expressions, selection of menu commands, drag-and-drop copying of values and expressions, and much more. Spreadsheet Application Improved Spreadsheet Application Collected data can be organized and tabulated for analysis after statistical graphing is complete.