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Then you should know that Deathstroke is better than Cap. With one less eye. The Red Skull has more intelligence that Cap. One of these guys is Crossbones who in the comics at least is a serious threat.

Captain Steve Rogers (Captain America) vs Deathstroke H2H

Slade then grabs his staff, and when cap was close enough he presses it as it quickly extends and stabs through cap's gut and exiting from his back!

The golden-aged Avenger, with time been enlightened, While you're stuck in adolescence, chasing after Teen TitansThe first of my kind and you're a replica, I changed the game, You haven't felt this kind of pain since you lost Mrs.

DS hitting Flash when he's moving light speed would be next to impossible unless DS is just good at timing things. Deathstroke ducks under the shield and rolls forward as well, cap suddenly closes the distance and kicks the rifle away from deathstroke's hands, cap then does a roundhouse kick with his adating4disabled leg but Deathstroke ducks under it and does a leg sweep, cap jumps and flips over the sweep.

Well I'm the death excavator, And bitches like yourself, just call me The TerminatorThey squirted experimental serum trying to perfect you, You're gonna need a lot more than a S.

You seek out my wrath, so I'll make accommodations, Detective comics killer serving up assassinations, Some would say I'm nadiff online dating, these head decapitations, The precision of my killing deserves a standing ovation!

He was able to stab and attack the Flash several times when he was moving at lightspeed. Captain America then throws his shield once more but Slade simply kicks it away and redirects the shield toward a stone wall embedding it there.

Thats only saying that he was lifting lbs when he was in the army. I think that if Slade were to actually have it, he mightve got it to work.

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And after looking again I forgot to mention Atom in the buch that got creamed in 5 sec. Deathstroke pulls out his sword and slashes at cap with it, at that moment the shield rebounds towards cap then he grabs it and blocks the slash with it. Draco69 Originally posted by the Darkone I read both.

I'm not sure what any of this will mean for Cap's capabilities but whatever. Slade then goes for a right hook which cap counters with a left hook, this resulted in captain America simultaenously blocking off slade's arm with his own while hitting slade in the mask.

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Your friends call you Steve? After the initial ambus Batroc doesn't really land too many good hits on Cap before getting knocked a couple of feet by the shield at: Batman has beat DS bats had prep and all he came up with was to kick him off a roof when DS wasnt looking which killed DS but he came back stronger and yadda yadda Both of them simultaenously blow up from their own respective grenades as they were blown away from each other.

The guy has evacuated entire cities in seconds and he once read every carpentry book in the Library, memorized blue prints, ran to the lumbar yard and repaired a collapsing bridge before any serious damage was done.

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Batman never said that Cap could beat him. Deathstroke is more durable. He has an uncanny healing factor and he can come back to life when he dies.

Draco69 Since he died and came back to life stronger. Slade then slashes downward but cap caught the blade between his palms and applies his strength to break it as he kicks Slade away. So fash did get past the dynamite, and thats what Slade was expecting.

But Deathstroke I think can beat the Captain America. DS already had the sword out behind him, and Flash didnt see it. Captain america was enhanced far beyond human abilites he has mastered many art forms second to wolverine, on the real ca will mop the floor with his even one of friends who is the biggest dc fan to ever walked the earth has admitted cap rules deathstroke will lose.

Well if it's Soldier VS Soldier, recognize your superior, Or else you'll find a red boot, stuck in your interior! I feel everyone should read DC Crisis.

Captain America vs. Deathstroke

Slades mask was completely shattered and Steve's helmet was gone. On this day, captain America proves himself the superior soldier and specimen. Cap then threw his shield as slade shot his beretta, a bullet hits cap in the torso as his thrown shield hits the ground, bounces off it, and hits slade then immediately bounces off of slade into the air while knocking slade on his back and disarming him of his pistol as the shield flies into the air.

First of all it's know fact that batman has defeated deathstroke on more than one time. The dynamite went off just as Flash strted to run at DS. Their respective armors and helmets took the brunt of the explosions but both were heavily damaged.

Flash underestimated him and thought it would be a quick victory. DS should have been moving in slow motion to him.

Which Super Solider will emerge victorious?

Catch up on CA back issues I beg to differ. He also takes multiple blows from those tasers and seems minimally inconvenienced.

His speed and strength was increased 10x. Captain America then follows up with a hard right cross to deathstroke's mask creating more cracks on it as his own fist bleeds.

As slade was recovering he got his remaining pistol and aimed at cap.

Captain America VS Deathstroke

Just when I thought he recovered. Then when Flash went to attack DS had the sword waiting for him. Flash was going too fast to stop, and thus ran right into the blade puncuring a lung.

I was in shock when I read that. Flash ran into him, thus running into the sword.

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But Captain America's body continues going downwards as he slams the shields edge down on Deathstroke's neck and decapitates him! Fiction M - English - Words: It's an impressive show of his dedication to doing what he has to in order to complete the mission.

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And hes much more than just a tactical genius. To fast to stop? Captian is out matched here Skill goes to DS.

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