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As the girls demand an apology from the boys, more arguments erupt between Liam and Carley. It becomes clear that Lateysha and Liam don't like each other and several arguments erupt in the house.

The following day, after spending the night in bed with Jason, Jenna receives a visit from her Mum to take her down to London for the interview. After layan dating advice successful night, the old problems between Lateysha, Nicole and Jenna resurface.

Carley is still torn between Chidgey and Jack so goes to see a psychic to get the answers.

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Confronting them both over what she thinks she's seen, Chidgey drops himself in it over the girl in the club the previous night. After a night away discussing their problems, Natalee and Chidgey return to the house where they're joined by Jordan who tells them to pack their bags and go home.

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However, Lateysha gets involved in the photoshoot and AK regrets giving Jenna the bigger opportunity instead of Lateysha. As the tension between Carley and Liam increases, arguments erupt between them both and Lateysha and Nicole get involved.

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However, it all gets too much for her and she turns aggressive towards Carley. Jenna takes Chidgey aside to discuss his relationship with Carley but he tells her the truth about how there's nothing going on between them.


However, there's only so much they agree to do as they refuse to kiss each other. With the whole house shocked at Carley's departure, Natalee continues to get close to Anthony but he's worried that it will affect his friendship with Chidgey.

Both turn the house upside down but are already popular with the rest of the group.

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Episode 7 Natalee blames Chidgey for Antony's dalliances with another girl and also finds time to fall out with Carley. Download Season 1 Episode 1: The next day Chidgey has no idea that Carley thinks that they're more involved than they actually are and she isn't impressed when he flirts with Millie that night.

Natalee blames Chidgey the next morning for encouraging Anthony to get into bed with a girl and throws a bowl of cereal over him.

The Valleys (series 2) - Wikipedia

She then confronts Carley with what she's found out, which causes more arguments and drama for Liam when Carley realises he dropped her in it. Carley also goes all out to prove she doesn't have feelings for Chidgey and tries to pull a boy, but then the boys gatecrash their night and she's immediately drawn to him.

Aron begins to develop feelings towards Nicole and he takes her out for a date, but at the end of the night things aren't very successful as she ends up with Lateysha instead.

During a night out, Natalee notices looks shared between Chidgey and another girl and immediately works out that they've kissed. Returning home, the boys go all out to bring random girls back but it's ruined when the girls get back from London.

Natalee gets too drunk though and everyone returns to the house.

Agony Aunts

Both Natalee and Jenna compete for Chidgey's attention and Natalee's the one who ends up in bed with him. Her anger gets too much and she turns violent towards him in the club, leading Jordan to step in and throw them out. After Chidge tells Carley they're better off as mates — despite asking her to be his girlfriend last week — he says: Episode 7 It's a week of coming together as Chidgey asks Carley to be his girlfriend.

As the night of Valleywood approaches, the group go for rehearsals but Carley is clearly troubled and can't take it anymore. With Lateysha and Nicole at loggerheads, Jordan calls a meeting to make peace.

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They confess that they want to continue working with everyone except Nicole and Liam. Download p Episode 4: Back at the house, he tries his luck again and Jenna seems interested.

The next morning Nicole apologises for her actions. Aron is surprised when Nicole shows more interest in Lateysha than him after he tries it on with her.

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Download p Episode 8: Jenna receives a visit from AK and is told that someone from Nuts magazine wants to meet with her. Nicole returns to the house but is disappointed when no one answers the door. After all the bickering Carley confides in Leeroy.

After quizzing Carley over what's happened, Natalee feels uncomfortable with the situation and begins another argument.