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I began my shamanic path with her and I do not know if I will ever be able to sit with so many in such a non-judgmental position as my mentor Oshun does. Whatever method you choose, my joy is to be here as a companion to the change-makers around the world, whether you are taking your first steps or journeying the path for years now and ready to spring forth to the next phase.

Through the 4 directions I thank you Oshun. The practice you create will be based on your experiences, your unique gifts, and your truth.

It has, needless to say, changed my life or I would not still be with her.

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Becoming the Christopher russell actor dating charlize Becoming the Dream Now we really get to work. The Bridal Chamber What is the bridal chamber, If not the place of trust and consciousness in the embrace?

I am so thankful our paths have crossed and you have found me here.

The Art of Healing Magic

Hello and Welcome to my virtual sacred space. Thank you again for this wonderful memory. I have been actively serving an international community in various capacities for nearly three decades as a student-for-life in service to prayer, spiritual mentor, transformational life coach, and entrepreneur nomad.

My Name is Oshun DuBellay.

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The foundation practices activate the major psychic centers in the body which simultaneously stimulate the body, mind, and spirit to harness the benefits of reduced stress, maintain a relaxed state in any situation, improved health, aligning yourself with a purposeful life, attain personal success and develop the ability to help others.

You can do the same.

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I love you and thank you. What she transmits is of a depth, a richness, of a stupefying and precious power. Through meditation, visualization and the powerful use of the Word, you will begin to systematically expand your mind, creating the necessary frequency to bring about your vision of life into physical reality.

I shall apply this message at my best.

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The rituals she offers reactivate something in our cellular memory. We never know where we are going, but we go together in communion to get the best out of ourselves and with others.

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You are invited to join me in sacred space through any number of personal and global retreats I facilitate throughout the year, as well as through the wondrous virtual landscape experiences online. Connecting with the elements by balancing your inner core with your Higher Self and Spirit.

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Every teaching, every ceremony, every phone call, and oh my goodness — the Bridal Chamber Mass. The Gospel of Philip, v.

Thank you for the personal interview where I asked for help regarding a special love to appear in my life. With AHM, you will know the immense potential you have to succeed in all your endeavors.

Every part of your Becoming involves your relationship with the elements of Nature.

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Here is where expansion of your personal spiritual growth accelerates. I love sharing the knowledge and practical tools I have gained over the years from my Elders and teachers in helping others expand and begin to live in purposeful alignment. This is the way, of course.

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There is a quality about Oshun that is rich in love, understanding, joyful like a child, and yet embodies the mystical wisdom that she so effortlessly enhances my life with daily.

Thank you for all your sharing and message of love! Catherine Jaliane Ma very dear Oshun!

With her, everything in my life has changed — work, family, a beautiful divorce transition, a new fiancee, and a totally transformed spiritual life. This is not about dogma—it is about exploration, insight, and transformation. Four years later, we are still happy together and looking forward to marriage.

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