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I have a Billy Idol one from years back called Cradle of Love?

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Though she would have some legal issues that would hamper her career thereafter, Miseducation still stands at 12 on this list and is one day game dating khloe the most lucrative hip hop albums of all time. Snoop Doggy Dogg 's Doggystyle still stands the test of time.

Their is debate on weather or not the justice album could have sold more. The band with the highest album sales would be The Beatles with around 1. Now these Albums below are still quite rare but are not worth comehookup albums sold big bucks, you can buy them online sometimes through Record Collectors rather than through private Auction Houses….

Michael Jackson is 1st with over milion copies thriller hes not second though, his "bad" and "dangerous" albums have sold around 30 million each. Snoop's first album gave us "What's My Name?

It has sold over 5 million copies worldwide. The last episode of Yo!

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When Ted Demme kfc twister paraplegic dating as a production assistant at MTV in the mids, he pestered his bosses about the lack of black artists on the growing network.

Markets' order within the table is based on the number of compact discs sold in each market, largest market at the top and smallest at the bottom. That freewheeling celebration pumped into households every day after school is what most remember the show as.

This is according to Wikipedia http: Selling over 7 million copies and going 8x Platinum, the album most notably gave us the enduring single, "Doo Wop That Thing ," still a staple of of radio stations everywhere nationwide. Dre 's solo effort is one of the pinnacle hip hop albums ever made. Riding the previously unreleased "Changes," as well as the rest of his most popular songs throughout his career, comehookup albums sold album sold 10 million copies and is one of the best selling albums of any kind in US history.

The album sold 8. So here are some expensive albums that you would be lucky to get your hands on! It was the place to be. The group that has sold the most albums of all time is The Beatles.

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Yet Salt-n-Pepa have the unique distinction of having bookended the series. The album sold Riding "Can I Get A We just did everything that we wanted to do. Now things are swinging around a little bit. The show blazed a trail to bring rap and hip hop into the mainstream.

That's probably very low, because in some countries where copyright isn't enforced record stores will dub albums onto cassette then sell the cassettes without reporting the sale. Elvis Presley is the individual who has sold the most albums of all time.

A dubious honor for sure, but when that "one hit" rockets your sophomore record to the fifth best-selling hip hop album of all time, I'm pretty sure that's a win. MTV Raps changed the landscape not just of music television, but of the culture itself. Louis rapper's sophomore album, sold 6.

Debuting init soldcopies in its first week alone, making it the second fastest-selling hip hop album of all time. Some may have been extremely expensive to record and so the expense has been passed on to the buying public.

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Michael Jackson also has the biggest-selling remix album of all time: As a testament to its reach, Fab 5 Freddy once met a woman from Russia who had relatives in Europe tape the show on VHS and mail it to her so that her whole block could gather around their TV to watch it.

Which Metallica album sold the most? Conversely, the American certification level for double albums that fit onto one compact discsuch as the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack reflect the actual number of copies sold.

Name a major rap group or hip hop artist of the era, and they were on it. The criteria are that the figure must have been published by a reliable source and the album must have sold at least 20 million copies worldwide.

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Albums are listed in order of number of copies sold and thereafter by the artist's first name. Platinum record for Michael Jackson 's Thrillerthe best-selling album of all time This is a list of the world's best-selling albums of recorded music.

The success of the show led MTV to use it as an anchor in dozens of other countries where it was building an incipient global empire. MTV Raps moved beyond the pilot concept with rap pioneer Fab 5 Freddy at the helm, the vibe of the show expanded to spend more time with the artists.

The show helped spread the music to a worldwide audience hungry for it. My friend told me the Back in Black part, but i;m not sure.

Who sold the most albums worldwide? It was hump day. It was one of MTV's highest rated single episodes at the time.

Which Metallica album sold the most?

Different methods are used for counting and there are different methods of distributing albums. We know how whites live. Michael Jackson's Thriller is known to have sold over million units worldwide.

One of the best ever. No one is surprised the album that contains "Ice Ice Baby" in went 7x Platinum. Their greatest hits by the eagles, Micheal Jackson's Thriller are the albums with the highest certification awarded in the United States.

Who sold the most albums in the us?

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We can be sure that as long as there's hip hop music, this album will never truly go away. List of best-selling albums worldwide: Like most everything in the show, it was off the cuff.

WhatsApp There are various reasons for albums costing so much. New York rap group the Beastie Boys changed the world in with their debut album, still to this day regarded as one of the most influential of all time.

Groupings are based on different sales benchmarks, the highest being for claims of at least 40 million copies, and the lowest being for claims of 20—29 million copies. Peaking at 3 on the charts init spent 77 weeks on the Billboard That's quite the accomplishment, no matter how you look at it.

It is probably impossible to say today. What album has sold the most copies? The album may not have aged anywhere near as well as some of the others on this list, but there's no doubt Ice played a role in introducing hip hop to a more mainstream audience.

However, when I was reading up on some recent album reviews, I realised that some of these albums which cost an absolute fortune are incredibly rare.