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However, when India notices that Texas' date is attractive, she ignores her own advice and meets up with him. New cast members have arrived in Hollyoaks The female contingent was rounded up by the likes of Jasme Franks, Anna Shaffer and Karen Hassan who sashayed into the Hilton wearing a delightful white number.

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In fact, it is Miranda's aunt, Kendall, who has to tell Bianca that Miranda is dead. Will acts "all pathetic, as if he's completely reliant on her". Jessica opted for white accessories while Bianca added a black belt, tan desert boots and a cropped black jacket to her ensemble.

Rawle said that the reapperence of India's ring is "very symbolic" for Silas and Texas uses it to taunt him. Reception[ edit ] Soap opera reporting website Holy Soap stated that up until India's murder Texas had been "a good-time girl and, some might say, something of an airhead. Meanwhile Jorgie, 23, wore a glittering jumper with a pair of tight leather trousers and burgundy heels with red soles.

Silas prepares to murder Texas but she begins talking about India, revealing that she was Cameron's intended date.

Hollyoaks: 'Soap's sexiest ever cast' turn out at a party in Liverpool

More glamorous turns came from other female members of the cast including a double dose of red from Jessica Forrest Leanne Holiday and Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove Texas Longford. However, his enemy Lynsey Nolan Karen Hassan knows he is the killer and attempts to defuse the situation. Mac added that Texas and Jodie are "testing the water" and experimenting with each other.

I had gained Bianca's heart: However, Texas cannot dance and Poker dinero ficticio online dating takes her place. Bianca's parents turn up and take her back home because they do not understand.

Bianca is also fighting with their father regarding his strict no dating rule.

Six Degrees of Separation

Advertisement Share or comment on this article: But on their wedding day she will be pushed to her death from a window. Atherton believed that Will's plan is to have Texas "completely subservient to him".

Bianca wakes up and holds her beautiful baby girl close to her heart.

He then reveals he doesn't love Cassie and is still in love with Bianca. Jodie later reveals that she is attracted to someone else and kisses Texas.

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However, he sleeps with her friend Jodie and pretends to be fine with the scenario. He runs away from home after Bianca is put into prison but is caught. Bianca is warned that if he continues, she could receive a fine or go back to prison.

Joe Tracini has yet to appear on screen, but a source exclusive revealed to the MailOnline that the comedy gene has been passed down to him from his famous squeaky-voiced father. Texas is reminded of how much she has misses having Jodie as a friend and decides to spend time with her.

Texas avoids Jodie following their previous kiss because she feels awkward.

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Texas repeats something her friend said and Lynsey realises that Silas has previously said the same thing. Texas' self-destructive behaviour gets worse and lands her into trouble with Silas.

Lynsey realises that Silas is "out to get Texas" and arranges a meeting. The actor told Daniel Kilkelly that Will puts Texas on a pedestal and she is something he has that Dodger wants. He spies on her and convinces Texas to marry him. While her feelings for him have taken over again, she wonders whether kissing Jodie was a mistake once again.

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Morgan starts asking questions about who his father is, to which Bianca replies that his father is Barack Obama. The writer added that Texas would visit Silas at a psychiatric hospital to gain answers and closure.

Hendrickse-Spendlove explained that Texas has "got a million questions going round and round inside her head, and still isn't entirely sure where she stands with Jodie.

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Share She topped off the subdued ensemble with a large black bag. Call the Daily Mail showbusiness desk on or Texas gets drugs from Doug and sleeps with him. He killed India by mistake and has a "nagging feeling" that he could put right his mistake by killing Texas.

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She confronts Will who throws himself down some stairs, believing she pushed him. I had no wealth nor prospects to entitle me to her hand. When Jodie kisses Texas they said it was hard to tell who was more shocked out of Texas and Dodger. Texas often wants what India has got and has good intentions but "just can't help getting herself into trouble".

India accuses Texas of being irresponsible, and goes to meet Cameron instead but it turns out to be a trap set by Silas, who murders India. She matched the top with a pair of leopard print leggings and black heels.

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In addition they released another promotional image showing the four character dressed in matching Catwoman outfits. Kat's aversion to dating prompts their father to come up with a new rule, to Bianca's fury: The police believe Silas which "delights" him because he can "play games" once again.

Bianca is a far more innocuous character, who takes in Harry while he's on the run, and even arranges safe passage elsewhere with little apparent intention of using it against him. New to the old: When Lynsey is strangled to death Texas fears that a copycat killer is active. He keeps putting ideas into Texas' head to keep her around and even instigates a kiss.

Bianca's vice has often been powerful men who break her heart. Storylines[ edit ] Texas arrives as India's older sister. Liam promises to go to school the next day but does not, and tells Bianca she thinks he is a loser and knows nothing about him.

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Atherton told a reporter from Inside Soap that "he allows Texas to believe that she pushed him, which is pretty dark! Although Bianca is living with her father, she visits her mother from time to time. Dodger faces family issues and is upset that Texas had previously slept with Rob Edwards David Atkins.

Bianca can only date if Kat is also in a relationship. Sierra, who once wanted to go into the Army, pursued classical opera throughout high school. Hendrickse-Spendlove said that Texas is actually "shocked" to see Dodger opening up and he spends the night in her room without having sex.