The Divine Venus in Virgo - Moonkissd by Jessica The Divine Venus in Virgo - Moonkissd by Jessica

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Virgos are known to be perfectionists, and with Venus Ruling your decisions, it is evident that a change in your love life is coming.

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This is a fictional story about two people with the same Venus in Virgo placement in their astrology charts. Ruled by time planet Saturn, Venus in Capricorn natives tend to be late bloomers.

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Vance was even able to add a few helpful adjustments to some of the building blueprints. Finding someone to share your life -- or bed -- with as a modern-day mystic has never been easier.

2009 Venus Attraction Reports

Cancer in any Signs or Retrogrades could rain on your parade. They simply cannot understand why people don't live correctly.

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Make sure to keep your boundaries strong. As we already mentioned, such individuals love analytical thinking, and have a natural tendency for organizing and filing.

Venus in Virgo

When these point of your birth chart are activated, whether by an event or another person, it can spark deep, magnetic attractions. This will happen often since they have an extremely high attention for detail. The other strong duality you will feel is the divine feminine duo of Virgo and Venus.

Treat Virgo as you would want someone to approach your child. Let them help you with everything, whether it is homework, housework, running errands, etc. If you do not know the lay of the land, you might end up coming off as irritable and unappreciative, especially if a guy who really likes you is trying to impress you with something you are not used to.

How to Love Venus in Virgo

It was a person who enjoyed their privacy and time to themselves, and although sociable, did not wish to be half of a couple. You need to recharge your mental battery and use reflection to find fulfillment in a new mindset for the shift into overdrive when Venus leaves the Retrograde and is once again Direct.

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When it comes to affairs, Venus in Virgo can be rather problematic. Nearly every one of the fantasy girls of the millennial generation has this placement.

The Divine Venus in Virgo

She vibes old world aristocracy no matter how mundane the setting. Ruminating over a lost chance at love could be keeping you sulking and out of the mingling in social situations that is required when you want a mate.

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Or was that entirely true? In your domestic setting, there is a glow about you, and the pride you take in your surroundings makes you look great. Yet, this can be sometimes misunderstood or received with mixed emotions from other individuals, as a Virgo Venus does not hesitate to criticize and correct others.

In bed with a Virgo lover, prepare to be analyzed and pleased from head to toe.

Should Friends Become Lovers?

Out on the town you might blend into the crowd too much to be noticed or stick out in an unfashionable way. Venus will be back in Virgo, to bless your love and commitment again, on September 19th.

Start new life plans and set goals up for new weeks and journal your progress. These are very serious people, witty and intelligent, and they love to be around others in social situations.

General Astrology

Last updated on January 26, at Also, as we already mentioned, the sign of Virgo can easily criticize and has a pessimistic tendency to notice those details that do not comply, instead of focusing on those that are acceptable to the native.

You must be the best human you can be. Read more about Venus in Virgo.

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It's so obvious to them. In courtship, Venus in Virgo first exhibits that Virginal impenetrable reserve…and ultimate surrender.