Joseph Gordon-Levitt Remakes Viral Hit 'David After Dentist' [Video] Joseph Gordon-Levitt Remakes Viral Hit 'David After Dentist' [Video]

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During a skit 'Dancing with Internet Stars' So Random made a reference to David After Dentist with actor Doug Brochu pretending to be him and acting as he did in the video making similar comments.

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The star was a bundle of well-acted frustration as he asked 'dad' if he is going to feel this hazy forever 'I can't see anything,' Joseph goes on, and when dad sagittarius intimidating him to stay in his seat, Joseph imitates David's frustration and subsequent exhaustion perfectly.

David may have experienced well-known, and extraordinarily disturbing, side-effects blurred and double vision of the dental anaesthesia.

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Most actors would have shown up, buzzed through the lines and be done with it,' Kimmel told his audience. Somehow he managed to duplicate the video of the kid coming home from the dentist perfectly.

Jimmy Kimmel was so surprised by Joseph's amazing performance that he played the spoof during his show on Thursday night 'It was shot without any cue cards,' Kimmel said.

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Why can't I touch it? In episode 19 of the 1st season of The Cleveland Showthe 5 year old character Rallo says "What's happening? The character Winston is catching up on the two years of American history he missed while living in Latvia.

In Januarythe DeVores appeared on the season 2 premier of Tosh.

WATCH: JGL Reenacts 'David After Dentist'

OK now, now I have two fingers. Is this gonna be forever? The video is mentioned in the show New Girlin the fourth episode of season 1[7] which aired November Why is this happening to me?

I have four fingers.

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Joseph's spoof was part of Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscars special; the actor was pictured at Sunday's awards ceremony in LA Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Is this real life? In the medical literature, several ocular complications such as diplopia blurred and double vision and dizziness have been reported as a consequence of improperly administered local intraoral anaesthesia.

Joseph grabs his face in a pitiful gesture and in perfect unison with David, saying, 'Is this going to be forever?

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Do I have stitches on my teeth? The video is referenced in an episode of Good Luck Charliewhen PJ, having been given anesthesia at the dentist's office, sits in the lobby acting loopy and saying, among other confused statements, "Is this real life? Then the video plays for a second before the Mypad then breaks.

DeVore has stated that he appreciates the concern, but feels that it was innocent and has been a very positive experience for his family. Joseph not only committed every word and gesture to memory, but he mimicked the entire video without cue cards.

Comedic actor Brandon Hardesty created a parody where he played the part of David, but acted in a serious manner as though he were in a drama.

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Criticism[ edit ] David DeVore Sr. It's so good I wanted to show it to you. The year-old actor recreated every word and gesture perfectly while the real video played along on the side Impressed: Is this real life?

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He later adds, "I don't see anything", after which he tells his father: The main plot difference is that Orange has gotten his teeth whitened instead of having had a tooth removed. The year-old actor chose to do a parody of David After Dentist, the famous clip of a little boy woozy from painkillers after a trip to the dentist who talks to his father on the way home in the car.

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He did this totally freestyle. You have four eyes. Scroll down for video Got a toothache: