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Read moreā€¦ We flirted a lot and he often suggested we go for a drink. The Sun And flirting is all about showing interest. Times, Sunday Times They have been flirting with relegation for a number of years. Murmur soft nothings to the women; flirt but don't have favourites. The Sun Oh, she could be a terrible flirt!

The Sun We got on well and flirted outrageously. You can argue with clever women, but you can't kiss them or flirt with them. The Sun She was a terrible flirt but I just took it as icq chat room 40 something dating. Show More Example Sentences for flirt You will not find him a heavy companion, and I allow you to flirt with him as much as you like.

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She is a flirt, and a flirt not only adorable, but worthy of adoration. The Sun You're ready to do some flirting with that person who has been on your mind all year.

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The Sun Iwas probably not the only person who flirted with the idea of putting the central heating on this week. The Sun The classes are fun and we flirted and joked about getting together.

The gambler, the flirt, the adventurer in every walk, regarded him as a prey. The noun meaning "person who flirts" is from The noun is first attested s, from the verb, with the meaning "stroke of wit. Indeed, she had many admirers, and was even what some might call a flirt.


OFr fleureter, to touch lightly, lit. The woman had told her that she was a flirt, had declared that what she did and said was improper. Times, Sunday Times He came under fire for fielding a young side last season and flirting with relegation.

Sell three tons of rice and flirt three days with that girl of yours. Times, Sunday Times She flirts; he plays along. We dragged a bait near him and he went down with a flirt of his tail. The Sun I have always been a terrible flirt as it made me feel better. Jill "a woman of light or loose behavior," while flirtgig was a 17c.

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The English word also is possibly related to East Frisian flirt "a flick or light blow," and flirtje "a giddy girl. The Sun We were flirting outrageously after an hour and the conversation got more explicit.

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The Sun Our messages have gone from simple flirting to talking about moving in together and declaring our undying love for each other.

The Sun I had no idea my flirting tactics identified me as part of a social group.

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I'm not a flirt. I like being with one person. The Sun We flirted lots and arranged to meet up. Times, Sunday Times But he admits the club need to invest in the summer to avoid another season of flirting with relegation. Times, Sunday Times Labour is also flirting with the idea.

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The Sun When she was younger, she flirted with the idea of a political career. The Sun Has he also flirted with the idea of quitting? He had acknowledged to himself that she was a flirt, a mass of affectation, and a liar. Yorkshire dialect word for "a giddy, flighty girl.

The Sun They live on the edge and flirt with death, yet they often seem more fully alive than anyone else I have met.

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The Sun We flirted a lot that night and then arranged to meet. The Sun You might be amazed by a person flirting with you yet it soon turns to love. Times, Sunday Times This guy has always been fun, flirting and messing about. Times, Sunday Times You are feeling daring and inspired to do some full-on flirting with a person who you have been admiring from a safe distance.