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Monthly Weather Review 99, — Tree-ring hydrology of the Colorado River Basin.

Dendroecology vs Dendrochronology - What's the difference?

Tree-ring hydrology in southern California. Journal of Applied Meteorology 10, — In addition to 0.

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Continuing Education Credits The July 26, offering of this course was approved for the following credits. A historic structure report, completed as a dendroecology and age dating between Appalachian State University and the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation, was unable to discover much about the history of the two log cabins except that they were both likely moved to their current location in the early 20th Century.

Presence of Selected Index Chemicals Weathering Indices The advantages and disadvantages of each approach will be discussed and evaluated, including issues of data reliability for various indicator chemicals in use today.

His practice focuses on the defense of claims for property damage and the recovery of cleanup costs associated with petroleum spills at service stations, terminals and dendroecology and age dating, as well as counseling clients to assist them in reducing their environmental liability.

Climatology of monthly precipitation patterns in western United States, — Environment of Mesa Verde, Colorado. Papers of the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research. We were unable to absolutely date an year long American chestnut chronology from the Small Cabin.

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Growth rings of trees: This review is one of the very few articles published to date exploring the forensic applicability of dendroecology. International Association of Scientific Hydrology Publication 7, 39— Increment loss due to smoke immissions in the region of Trutnov.

Transactions, American Geophysical Union 50, 22— Because we still cannot tie this cabin to a historical figure or a historical event, the cabin cannot endless flirtation browallia endless illumination nominated yet for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places, but the identification of an original construction date for the cabin may contribute to further assessment for inclusion on a local or national register.

A statistical study of dendroclimatic relationships in south central Wisconsin. Tree-Ring Bulletin 30, 23— September 11, NRS at a Glance. Journal of Geophysical Research 67, — Bristlecone pine in the White Mountains of California: Concepts and techniques of dendrochronology.

Forest Science 61, — Multivariate techniques for specifying tree-growth and climate relationships and for reconstructing anomalies in paleoclimate.

Frost-ring formation in the stems of some coniferous species. Anomaly patterns of climate over western United States, —, derived from principal component analysis of tree-ring data.

In the Courtroom In the afternoon session, an experienced environmental forensics trial attorney will discuss hydrocarbon age dating in the legal context, including: Hide All Brown, J.

Carnegie Institution of Washington PublicationReprinted: Tree-ring evidence for climatic changes in the prehistoric Southwest from A. Computer programs for tree-ring research. Variations in the widths of annual rings in pine and spruce due to climatic conditions in northern Sweden during the years — Drought ring formation in conifers.

The use of X-ray densitometric methods in dendrochronology.

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Frost-ring damage in subalpine conifers and their application to tree-ring dating problems. Late quaternary vegetational and climatic history of the Snag-Klutlan area, southwestern Yukon Territory, Canada.

Preparation of X-ray negatives of tree-ring specimens for dendrochronological analysis.

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Canadian Journal of Botany 31, — Geografiska Annaler 1—2, 90— Canadian Journal of Botany 44, — Auxin gradients and the regulation of cambial activity In Tree Growth. Oecologia Plantarum 1, — The photosynthetic regime of some southern Arizona Ponderosa pine.

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Recommend this journal Email your librarian or administrator to recommend adding this journal to your organisation's collection. Tree-Ring Bulletin 25, 2—7. The variability of ring characteristics within trees as shown by a reanalysis of four Ponderosa pine. The relation of growth-ring widths in American beech and white oak to variations in climate.

Forestry Chronicle 37, — Studies of variations in the widths of annual rings in Scots pine and Norway spruce due to weather conditions in Sweden. He regularly provides expert forensic services both through deposition process as well as court testimony in the areas of environmental contamination, including assessment of sources of contamination, identification of petroleum product types and age-dating of petroleum product releases.

The use and application of hydrocarbon age dating in environmental lawsuits Legal roadblocks to the use of petroleum age-dating techniques Serving as an expert in today's legal setting At the end of the day, students will participate in a mock trial that will link the scientific information taught during the morning session with the legal processes covered in the afternoon.

Forest Science 13, — Growth and morphogenesis in the Canadian forest species I. Presses Academiques Europaenes, Brussels.

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TM, a small business that provides geochemical forensic services to a variety of government agencies, industrial clients, and law firms. Applied dendroecology and environmental forensics Characterizing and age dating environmental releases: This method holds great potential as a forensic tool for age dating, contamination assessment, and characterization of releases.

Department of the Interior, Washington, D. Work was soon underway to determine the historical nature of these two buildings and to evaluate them for consideration for the National Register of Historic Places.

Through mock direct testimony and cross examination, students will learn how to structure an investigation to stand up in court. On the relationships between temperature, respiration and growth in Norway spruce Picea abies L Karst.

Geological Survey Professional Paper B, 31—