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It's a design I wouldn't be embarrassed to show around, unlike their previous ones that look like little girl's toys. Apply to the top lip, starting at the centre and following the shape of the lip for precision application.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick 'Poppy Pink' / Review & Swatches - Glam Express

I'm a huge fan of all makeup products by Essence, their prices are always affordable and the quality of the products is great as well, so I can definitely recommend this Longlasting Lipstick by Essence for everyone who likes a bright and vivid lipstick, just be careful while applying it.

Essence lipstick flirt pink product is for you if: The lipsticks are super creamy and give a nice shine to the lips. Staying power is decent, about 3 hours. Who doesn't like a bright lip? The lipsticks have a very faint typical chemical lipstick scent.

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To make your lip makeup even better and neater use a sharp lipliner before applying the lipstick, line your lips creating a desirable plump shape and fill in the lips with the elektrischer korkenzieher testsieger dating as well.

I used to wear this color on a daily basis, just for a fun, day to day, casual makeup look. Description Our creamy Natural Lipstick delivers a burst of radiant colour for beautiful and nourished lips.

Just a heads up, there is a ton of pictures following. This lippy by Essence is my current crush and I'm very excited to share my thoughts with you guys! Let's focus on individual shades: Essence delivered a nice shade range with nice nudes, reds, pinks and a coral, essence lipstick flirt pink, none of the shades are my favourites.

Application This particular colour is super pigmented, creamy and lightweight, it also glides onto the lips really easily.

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This lippy lasts on the lips for a good 5 hours and it is a brilliant option for everyday usage. I only apply a little and then dab it with a finger - this is the only way this product makes me happy. I have no dupes, nor similar shades in my collection, hence why no comparison swatches. I'd say the true color would be a little lighter than the shade on the sticker.

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L'Oreal's is a transparent shade and Manhattan is a richly pigmented lip cream. The swatch you see above had to be built up to almost 10 layers and then it just started going patchy.

Berry Me Home is more opaque, but closest in pigmentation to Dating Coral and 53M are both very close to Coral Calling, the difference is more in textures. I wouldn't say it's moisturising due to the lightness of the formula, but it doesn't dry out the lips nor does it cling to dry patches.

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Blot lips before applying a second layer of lipstick for added longevity. Most of the colour wears of quickly, but the lips stay tinted rosy for a few hours.

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Try a lip gloss over your lipstick to add a high gloss finish to your favourite shade. Lipstick creamy texture Product name: Friday, May 30, 'Nude Love', Essence Longlasting Lipstick - Swatch And Review I'm not in love with this one, the shade is too light for me, and it settles in the fine lines of my lips.

Make sure lips are prepped smooth and moisturised before application. If you're suffering with chronic dry lips, you will definitely love using this lipstick. I find it least pigmented out of the three which is odd, since it's the darkest.

I had heard a lot about this brand mainly for it's affordability factor, but also because of it's amazing vast selection of make-up to choose from.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick 'Poppy Pink' / Review & Swatches

The color range of the collection is impressive and I can't wait to try other shades. Also, it emphasizes the dry parts of the lips, and settles in the fine lines. The formula of Essence Longlasting Lipstick is soft and creamy, almost buttery, it easily glides on the lips moisturizing them during the whole day.

For a light shade the pigmentation is great. If you like very light almost white-pink shades in a creamy texture. I didn't expect it to look so cool toned on me and it might look more neutral on someone else. However, they had a few proper lipsticks in their trend editions, like the two shades in Home, Sweet Home TE which were fantastic quality.

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Meeeh, I'm not feeling it. Have a great day! Each shade gives a stunning natural glow while protecting your lips with Vitamin E and rosemary extract.

So far they only had lipsticks that are more of a hybrid between a lip balm and a lipstick.

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Pigmentation is great, especially with the 2 darker shades. I'm not feeling this product because it's just too light on me - on my lips it looks frosty bright pink. A few words about the packaging - it is sleek and classy, the lipstick looks very high end in this simple and sophisticated tube.

This particular lipstick belongs to the Longlasting Lipstick Nude Collection which consists of six wearable nude shades.

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My reviews of two other shades from this line: Actually, I can't really smell it unless I really put my nose to the lipstick.

You may also enjoy: International — Now kosmetik4less. Longevity These do claim to be long wearing and for the most part this shade was until I eat, so I would recommend re-applying this after eating as the colour tends to come of in the middle part of the lip and stay on around the edge.

It has a good color payoff with a medium opacity on the lips. Staying power is average, but much, much better than their previous line of lipsticks.

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I like the creamy, shiny finish that it gives and how easily it glides on the lips. Essence is a drugstore brand that has remained dear to my heart since I was a teenager so I still like to splurge on a bunch of their makeup products from time to time. It just adds a bit of shine and fresh color to your lips without too much fuss and you can keep your makeup as natural as possible.

I have a feeling it'll be a very popular colour because it's a very wearable shade that goes with everything. Staying power is best out of the three. I would say it is a kind of bright pink that is appropriate as an everyday shade.

So I was excited to see a whole range and I must admit the shades are really nice.