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This is called the 'fetch' part of the cycle. Lines 19, 20, and 21 convert the input values into numeric values and stores them in temporary variables. Because a computer is a machine, it is constructed by connecting certain hardware components: The calculation is straightforward.

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By convention, a bit that is 1 usually means yes, and a bit that is zero usually means no. Real education is just the opposite. Too many students today assume that when they take a class, knowledge will be poured into their brain in a painless process. If necessary, calculate the address from which an operand will be fetched.

Part of the success of our simulator in achieving its educational goals was based on the fact we chose to simulate the simple PDP The function and its inputs are in shown in line 4.

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In order to accomplish these types of assignments, you have to think on a different level than usual.

Conclusions This project has shown that it is possible, with a minimum of resources, to develop quality web-based simulation tools using JavaScript. The simulator provided there helped me learn about the smaller machine language programs, and how they react. There is a similar "parseInt" function for integer values which we do not need here, but which is very useful in our simulator.

The truth is that if each student was given a complete version of the PDP-8 machine on the fetch execute cycle simulation dating day of class, the fees involved would ensure very few people in the class at all.

The PDP-8 has three pedagogical advantages: Hennessy, Computer Organization and Design: Its small unsegmented memory is easy to understand and simulate.

Fetch execute cycle

All computer organize memory as an array of words, where in turn each word is an array of bits. The input testing is by no means complete, but should give the reader a feel for the programming possibilities.

The web assignments on the Netscape simulator were useful because it required you to fill in unknown code.

One of the constraints faced by anyone developing web based material is the "real estate" available on the screen. By analogy, a student should not have to learn about an excessively complex computer, like the Pentium TMbefore mastering the intimidating young actors theatre concepts that apply to all computers.

Line 24 calls a function from the built-in math library to calculate the discriminant. Students' Comments During the second semester, students used our simulator with the more directed assignments discussed earlier in the Computer Organization class at the University of Wyoming.

The fetch-decode-execute cycle

These are called the 'instruction set' of the CPU. Similar assignments dealing with another machine, say the Pentium TMwould be beyond the student's grasp. Unlike the rote drill and practice one often sees implemented in JavaScript, the student using our new directed simulator assignments still has the opportunity to fail or to derive unique solutions not thought of by the instructor.

Fetch Decode Execute Cycle. Looking at the registers in further detail we see: The simulator can run a program which the user supplies, or more likely, various links can be accessed that contain assignments with pre-written programs to study details of the PDP The PDP-8 was designed by C.

Fetch-execute cycle

They are almost certainly going to remain important during the entire career of the student. The result of this processing is stored in yet another register. Because of the highly inefficient way in which browsers that support JavaScript allocate the physical memory of machines like the Pentium TMeach simulated bit of the PDP-8 takes perhaps thousands of bits of the actual physical memory of the Pentium TM.

While the conversion might not be necessary, there is a risk that the values will be treated as simple strings and not numeric values. A computer is a machine that processes information To be precise in physics, you have to define fundamental physical units, like the meter.

Every instruction of the PDP-8 fits in one 12 bit word.

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After all, the ability of the simulator to help teach the students is the only thing that matters. On this occasion the student is provided bits and pieces of code. But after I submit, I still don't know that it is correct or not! Instead, in the Computer Organization class, the student first learns about one of the simplest and most beautiful computers that has ever existed: Because it is simple, the concepts are clear.

We have given a short example here of how simple it is to program in JavaScript. The use of the built-in "parseFloat" function for real numeric values assures that the values placed into the variables will be numeric.

For this to happen, the CPU makes use of a vital hardware path called the 'address bus'. Then it will be much better!

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To sell a large number of computers, each machine needs to be general purpose. So, in total, the PDP-8's memory contains 49, bits of information. On the philosophical side, understanding the fundamental nature of the computer should give the student insight into what computers can do, and how they actually do it.

These are known as memory reference instructions. The instruction is carried out upon the data executed. These attributes make it the ideal vehicle to explain the universal nature of computers to students in Computer Organization.

While this is a very simple equation, functions of arbitrary complexity can be computed in JavaScript, for example, discrete time analysis for predator and prey population simulations. Their comments relating to the JavaScript-based simulator follow: Once the execute stage is complete, the CPU sets itself up to begin another cycle once more.

These memory areas are called 'registers'. Note, the inputs passed by the button press must be type-checked by the programmer; JavaScript does not do any type-checking until runtime.

Fetch/Execute Cycle

So I really hope after everyone submits their web assignment, we can have our assignment back with the correct answer sheet, by email or hard copy! We can observe the hexadecimal representation throughout the processing and this is also apparent if we look at the memory RAM by double clicking it once the simulation begins.

What step occurs next is not pre-defined Chapter 3 What type data is not pre-defined Chapter 2 Where the data is stored is not pre-defined Chapter 6,7,11 How complex the data can get is not pre-defined Chapter 12 The chapters refer to the textbook, Introduction to Computer Organization Using the PDP-8 which will be put online during the summer of in PDF form.

The homework assignments on the web gave me a good understanding of what should happen when I run the same program on the simulator I had created. What is the bus width? Links provided by Jack Watson -- http: Any program of suitable length written in machine language for the PDP-8 can be translated to the Pentium TM and vice versa.