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This changed when both Masami Kurumada and Toei Animation decided to revive the series, and since them Saint Seiya has been an ever-growing, ever expanded franchise.

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Athena with her saints against Poseidon with his generals and later Hades with his specters. Even more notable in that the Saints' patron constellations like Cygnus, Draco, Phoenix, Andromeda, or Pegasus manifest visually as helpers to the character delivering the attack.

Thanks to this, he is not deceived by Saga's illusion in the Gemini temple when he and Seiya are trapped. Ikki remarks that had Saga ordered him to kill Seiya right away, Ikki couldn't have shaken off the mind control fast enough.

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To make things worse, the enemies of Zeus, the Titans, were revived and began to seek vengeance against him and the Sanctuary. Season 2 Athena had to fight Hilda, also under brainwashing, this time from Poseidon.

Beauty Is Never Tarnished: In Saint Seiya Omega she's had to fight Mars, who though a god was indirectly brainwashed by Abzu, an Ur god of elemental evil.

It left him with a grudge against the Gold Saints and Sanctuary as a whole, which caused the Pope and most of the Sanctuary to distrust him. When an enraged Shiryu asks "Have you killed little children, even?

In season 2 of Omega she fights not one but two gods, Pallas and Saturn. If they do so, he may bring them back to life for real.

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It turns out that they remained loyal to their Goddess nonetheless and only accepted Hades' deal to warn her about the upcoming Holy War while killing some members of Hades' army in the process. In order to defeat Shaka after being killed by the Gods-Knows-What-Number-th time by the Gold Saint and suffering Mind Rape twice from Shaka's parthe lets Shaka disable each of his senses in order to augment his cosmos to the infinite and becoming superior to God.

Several of the Golden Saints, as well as some of the Asgard Warriors. Libra Dohko in his old form.

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Saori is put inside one of these by Poseidon. After you destroy it, you will be able to win with no trouble. Ikki's induces illusions and Saga's causes his victims to obey him. Though she does give Shaina quite a run for her money. The animators of the anime themselves seem to have forgotten about this fact since at one point Hyoga is shown driving a car.

Well, there are some Gonks here and there to counterbalance My Dear Hades Elysion Ending: He says he sees no obstacle and knows where the exit. Red despite his armor having a metallic light blue color, the red of his under-armor suit is more striking.

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As soon as Seiya managed breaking his arms, Geki was defenseless and the battle was over. Cronus and the other eleven Titans lost the battle and were sent to Tartarus. Saori often has to take the place or tasks of another God or make a life-risking Batman Gambit to ensure buying time for her Saints to beat up the Bad Guys.

When Athena gets hit by a cursed arrow, the flames tell how many hours remain until the arrow ends up killing the wounded goddess.

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Kanon and Saga and in the anime, Sid and Budon the other hand If he kicks strong, aim for his legs. This, alongside references to various "non-canonical" anime in the series, forced fans to look at the Saint Seiya Franchise from a new perspective.

Phoenix Ikki also uses one at one point in an attempt to defeat Virgo Shaka by sending both he and Shaka there. The Bronze Saints in the Anime. But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Hilarious example in episode