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This is a gold shimmer packed base with iridescent, blue and green microglitters mixed in. Glue everything together, then glue as few or as many rings to each finger as you wish!

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The first 2 coats were a bit streaky and I needed to float the 3rd coat on to avoid more streaks. Start with a basic semi-circle shape in any color and give the bottom of the semi-circle a lip that juts out a little farther than the width of the shape.

I like the mix of shades and finishes. Pinch to close, and you have scientific american coal ash radioactive dating hands!

You can doodle the designs for each person on paper, cut out your templates, then cut into the felt—or just go straight to the felt and create as you snip, snip away!

From dinosaur hands to puppy paws and everything in between, here are ten DIY kid glove projects that are super simple and loads of fun.

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Glue everything together imagination is the limit then hatch some fun! Most applied surprisingly well, and the only one that gave me some issue was Fresh Prince-ss and that was typical for the lighter shade it is.

There are slight brush strokes visible due to the shimmer. Shown is 3 coats and a glossy top coat. The nail tattoo set I picked up will also make a great addition to my nail art stash.

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There are some lighter cremes, shimmers, bold hues and glittery creations. Cut out geometric shapes from black felt and then give the shapes dimension transforming them into gems by cutting tiny shapes to fit inside them.

Tuck the tip of the fingers down then glue the base of the flame inside, pinching together to secure.

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This dries fairly fast, so you need to work fast. Yes I owned them and wore them. Was it a hit or a miss for you? To make these gloves cut out a tiny flame in yellow and orange for each finger. Glue everything together, then get those hands swimming with some jellyfish action!

Fing'rs | How to: "Flirt Design - DIY"

I must admit, that I'm starting to like purple more and more lately; it was never a favorite color of mine. All it takes is some felt and a little hot glue to turn ordinary gloves into a world of imaginary play.

I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos. The possibilities for monster personalities are endless one eye or one-hundred!

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If you prefer to keep the design simple, you could just cut out the same flower design for each finger and perhaps just change the color. Astro Hands To make Astro Hands simply cut out a celestial shape, a planet, or a star and glue it onto the glove. I'm not a huge fan of the overall Walmart experience, but I do love their super low prices!

This shape is best described as three circles joined together. Add a few tiny triangles to the side of each glove to finish off the look.

Fing'rs Flirt Nail Art Tutorial By Fonda

Maybe it's because so many nail polish brands are coming out with so many great shades of purple that it is making me hard to pass them up. We'll see when I decide to venture out to a Walmart again I sealed it with top coat, and I was ready to go!

Using felt to create hair, hats, beards, mustaches, and other fun accessories, we kept the design super simple, fun, and modern.