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Flirterz 22 september fotos de carros, did you know that your internet explorer is out of date?

Like a big color wheel in my head I suppose. With being the fourth day of the first month after the Sept equinox and being the fourth day of the first month after the March equinox.

I want to say I am really enjoying your posts also. Mandating reporting in california 28 September 15 at Your thought on the infinity loop are right on the mark with how I visualize the months within the loops.

I have done all these things my whole life.

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I had not thought about the 8 theory until this year when I listened to someone speak of red and blue shifts with regards to planetary motions. I am actually a pretty scientific minded person, pretty skeptical, always wanting hard data, facts ect. So it makes sense to me that you see time alongside geometry.

An odd combination I thought, but I suspect many of us on here may be like this. Some years have no colors to me. In regards to opposites, this whole reality is made of opposites. I tend to see, and find patterns in everything. Elle the older, crazy one says: Days, a little different looks like a sine wave as go through each day.

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I do the same with dates, its hard to explain in words but I will try. I was looking for a different comment and noticed that Sabrina reported an anomaly related to September 22nd, as well, in the Personal Memories thread: Why that date versus any other?

I can move about the loop in flirterz 22 september fotos de carros headand pinpoint years, dates, and associate things, events, personal, and known public, historic events ect. Also, I remember my karate teacher sensei telling me as a kid that with every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

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I can visually rotate them in all directions, to focus more on the part I am thinking about. It makes perfect sense that the dates and would be opposites. Thank you for the post. I visualize standing in front of a vertical circle of number for exampleas the day goes on I move up one side, and down the other.

Time, like an infinite loop, I stand in the middle, past ahead of me, present where I stand no matter where in the loop and past behind me. For examplelinear againmirror would be The opposites are easier, at least to me.

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These are known in nutrition circles to be antagonists and work together in the body. Your comment about time and space being oppositesbut working together is right on the mark. Darks, opposite lights, blues, greens ,purples, across from yellowsreds, oranges.

Just thought it might be worth mentioning. Everything in my mind is tied to a date or time, its how I remember things.

September 22, 2012

As I said before, I thought everyone did. Sorry for the rambling, probably incoherent post, but I hope some of this helps. Hours, minutes, seconds are the same way.

Someone commented was it you, Fiona? But I have always had this other side, my mirror image I guess. I have a feeling Daniel may be able to offer more.

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Sometimes in a vertical plane, and sometimes horizontal. It seems that you not only remember dates and events but can see them at will.

They are the samebut in reverse—make sense? Well Mike you have provided some additional insight for me to ponder. I want to say I am not a numerologist or anything like that.

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Pretty normal I think? Therefore they are exact opposites of each other. Daniel has touched on similar topics, and might be able to explain it better.

We live in a duality where everything has an opposite. As I have stated before, I guess I thought everyone did this. Yes, I have read that post and was not sure how to process it.

But, its more like the infinity loop, you move one color through the loop, and it will have an opposite and a twin also. Whatever the starting point is date, time, or year i. Its much more artistic musicand esoteric.

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I like to think of time and space as being opposites of each other and therefore working harmoniously together. This is for the twin, or mirror sets.

I find there to be high periods occurring in April and December. Its just the way I think, which I am sure sounds pretty strange.

I have looked up synesthesia before, and certainly visualize time in the that way. I see lots of things that happen on dates with 11,22,