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The newly elected Doge of Flirterz the sand 24 weeks, Domenico I Contarini, captured him and allegedly let him be buried up to his neck, and left guards to watch over him until he died. Acting could have been better, likewise for the dialogue. The protagonists of Team Galaxy gets this treatment from some Plant Aliens.

It's like they're in on the joke and that takes away from some of the entertainment flirterz the sand 24 weeks of those films.

It doesn't lend itself to 80 minutes. I don't want ezmlm subscribe email dating know.

WHAT a waste of time! Leslie Nielsen plays a deranged millionaire who buries his wife and her lover, Ted Danson, in the sand at low tide. One of the capital punishments from the days when Ankh-Morpork still had conventional laws was to be tied to one of the city flirtpunt nlds pilings at low tide, then left there for 24 hours.

And, quite frankly, it is. The phones are in the trunk of a car that won't start because the lights were left on.

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The sand necktie is your best friend. Overacted and corny lines, that's the order of the day. Comic Strips The Far Side: Since he was bald, they decide that scalping him would be a waste of time. This is how Madeline finally deals with Tony in Thriller: The patriarch of Aquileia, Poppo of Treffen r.

A man and a woman caught in adultery are buried up to their necks.

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In this case, though, the aim doesn't seem to be any kind of torture, but the primitive aliens actually thinking the humans would Harry Dresden does this to a ghoul in the desert, and leaves a trail for fire ants to follow to it.

And, when you look at the film that way, it's actually even funnier. More fun for Darkwing Duck. Shade's getting' scarce in these parts. I-I just wanted to try something I saw in a movie!

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Comrade Sukhov first meets his friend Sayid after rescuing him from the "sand necktie" in the desert. Both Tory and Grant were buried in a standing position up to their necks to test whether you could dig yourself out before the tide came in and drowned.

Used in some sketches from Les Guignols de l'infowhenever showing Islamist extremists stoning a woman. Happens to Nancy Drew in the 5th book in her Files series, although she's actually tied to a piling, not buried in sand, though the villain's intent — her drowning as the tide comes in — is the same.

One of my favorite things each time I went to Blockbuster Video was renting a crappy horror movie so we could, at least, have a good laugh. Fan Works has Sonata Dusk buried to her shoulders at the beach and being threatened by a crab, while Aria Blaze watches. M-maybe you could get me out?

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On South ParkCartman buries himself in snow this way in order to freeze himself to get a Nintendo Wii faster. Happens to the Victim of the Week in "Jackpot".

Another features two Indians having buried a cowboy up to his neck by an anthill, one of the Indians calling the other one an idiot because he brought mayonnaise instead of honey. One cartoon features two cowboys buried like this by Indians.

The subordinate's uncle pleads with Rosetti for mercy, which Rosetti provides by bashing the subordinate's head in with a shovel. After Toronaga defeats and captures him, "[he] ordered the Eta to bury Ishido up to his neck in the earth, and invite passers-by to saw at the most famous neck in the realm with a bamboo saw.

Grady Regrets", Ben and Tony bury a pair of outlaws they've captured up to their necks and threaten to keep burying in order to extract a confession from them.

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It must have been raining the afternoon they made this and they didn't have anything better to do with the time!

The ultimate fate of Ishido in Shogun. Give him a particularly nasty end? This could be seen as a setback for those who wanted greater clarity on the issue after reports of late abortions for correctable conditions such as cleft palate.

But I digress, the film is designed from beginning to end to be a complete cheesefest.

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It worksbut too well. Partly subverted however since he does not do it with the intention of slowly killing Brains, but to torture Brains into revealing information about a treasure he, Tintin and a professor were looking for.

Web Original On Flander's Companyin a flashback, environmentalist Hero with an F in Good Recycle-Man is seen inflicting this on two people for three days, under the snow, to make them "feel how everything in nature is connected".

Tension is maintained fairly well throughout. At the beach, it's the tide. Real Life Traveling back and forth to Persia from to as a gem merchant, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier observed much the same custom that Mrs. Web Animation In the Strong Bad Email "your friends", Strong Bad buries Homsar up to his neck in the ground while live scorpions crawl all over him, not that Homsar seems to take any notice of his predicament.

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But it's an OK time-passer. There is a boyfriend issue that doesn't distract us from the sand eating people with blood and gore effects. Later, Bubble Buddy was shown to be both sentient and fully capable of movement, which implies he willingly let Scooter drown.

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You really cannot go into this movie expecting to see the next generation of horror greatness. Despite thisit's still disturbing to look at. Being that Meiling's a youkai and this is a Gag Seriesshe gets better.

And this is in the middle of a desert. In the morning, the only people left are those that weren't touching the sand. This makes this trope Older Than Print. I guess the joke is lessened when you realize that the touching the sand will literally kill you, but I would have loved the movie to have just been a bunch of hungover or drugged out people believing that there's something in the sand that would kill them.

Dennis, of course, was already there. Then they come back as undead and do the same thing to him.

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Having said all of that, I've loved movies since my youth, my favorite genre would certainly have to be horror movies, as if that wasn't obvious already in my Flixster reviews.

He is seen later as a ghost.