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And both of her best friends joined other dance groups, leaving Bea all alone. Bea is determined to fight back! First, of all I give Bea major props for even deciding to do a dance. Debut author Jenny McLachlan weaves a warm and hilarious story of friendship and dance starring the refreshing and plucky Bea Hogg.

I loved the throw back feel, plus I think Jive dancing is awesome. Just deciding to try out, won Bea huge points in my book.

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I loved watching her Jive. She is her own person, she is nice, has a good little group of friends most of the timeis quirky funny, has eclectic interests and is such a great big sister.

And then her grandma talked her into doing jive and swing dancing. I was smiling and laughing with every turn of the page.

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And then can we talk about Ollie?? If you are looking for a Laugh out loud, flirty sgsits indore tinder dating site read, look no further than Flirty Dancing.

When the heat turns up on the dance floor and Bea is finding it hard to improve her moves, is there too much tension on the dance floor?

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Ollie is a gem. It was like she just started glowing as the book went on. But when the school hottie, Ollie Matthews, who also happens to be Pearl's boyfriend, decides to enter the competition with Bea to jive dance, she will have more than a fight on her hands.

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It's just her luck that her best friend Kat ditches her and agrees to enter with school super-witch Pearl Harris and Bea's former best friend. It was lovely to see. Laugh out loud antics with a refreshingly levelheaded main character. There she finds herself dancing with the super hot Ollie Matthews, who is almost dating her ex-friend now bully.

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I love her writing style. In between dancing her butt off to win the competition with Ollie and losing her best friend to Ollie's almost girlfriend, Bea has to deal with her crazy grandma.

He is a rare breed. And how awesome he is.

Flirty Dancing

I know its a cliched book,and does not really branch out to reach different audiences, and other than the fact it addresses looks and appearance does not really seek to solve any important problems, or put across the fact that they exist, I still seem to like this book and feel myself chuckling along with the classic jokes as I did with the Georgia Nicholson though I prefer this book's heroine as she is more self-concious, less selfish and not absolutely perfect — not that Georgia is but you get what I'm saying!

What's stopping Bea from stepping up?

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I know that sounds kind of dramatic and strange, but dancing really brought Bea to life. He was never anything but totally nice and fun with her.

Jenny McLachlan

Flirty Dancing is such a fun read. It's funny, and shows that you're not the only kid with problems, such as low self-esteem, and that you should love yourself just they way you are. Flirty Dancing is the first book in the Ladybirds series. I had big band music playing in my head every time I watched Bea practice.

It kind of reminded me of the British Georgia Nickelson series.

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Humor seems effortless in Flirty Dancing. First up was dancing. When the national dance competition Starwars comes to her school looking for talent, she wants to sign up.