Flirty Girl Fitness in Chicago, Illinois, IL Flirty Girl Fitness in Chicago, Illinois, IL

Flirty girl fitness classes in chicago, coupons & deals

Classes are a ton of fun, I love taking any cardio dance or pole classes.

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That was about a year ago. Definitely worth it to me. In regards to the expense, they offer a number of deals each month or for holidays and sometimes have deals on Livingsocial and Groupon.

It's a women's wonderland. Emily Billings 5 out of 5 Rating 5 I love that this gym is women-only. I'm having fun while getting fit!! Sometimes I drive an hour to come to this gym, and I know other members who do the same.

I also love that they put on flirty girl fitness classes in chicago events, like Club Cardio or the members parties.

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And the free valet makes it all worth it! I know some girls come in expecting things to be easy, flirting on facebook chat while there are some classes where you can have a drink with your girlfriends and take it easy, most classes are definitely challenging.

And while they seem impossible at first ahem, pole and drop they are the absolute best, and I PROMISE you will get better if you continue to come to class. Hopefully as the popularity of Flirty Girl Fitness grows, there will be more locations popping up around the country.

Flirty Girl Fitness Dance

If you love to dance or enjoy class workouts, this place is the best. The supportive class environment is designed to help loosen inhibitions and have fun.

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So really, who wouldn't want to come here! As soon as my contract ended I stopped going Do You Know the Best Diets of ?

Reviews for Flirty Girl Fitness Spa

I mean, girls can be really judgmental. Lindy is really nice and great for people who are quick learners or have grow up dancing. I was also scared that I would be awful at it and it would be super awkward.

Overall, I love this place and want them to build 20 more!!

Flirty, Fit & Fabulous with Flirty Girl FitnessĀ®!

Luckily for me, everyone here has been very friendly and I haven't felt judged at all, despite my lack of rhythm and poor upper body strength. Started by two Canadian sisters, Kerry and Kristy Knee, Flirty Girl Fitness is a ladies-only fitness and lifestyle club that specializes in pole-dancing, sensual dancing and hip-hop classes.

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The bathroom is equipped with qtips, blow dryers, curling irons, straighteners and you can request tampons. All of the Flirty Girl Fitness instructors are female so you don't have to worry about taking an Abs and Booty class under the guidance of a male trainer.

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The facilities are fantastic and the instructors are great with a wealth of fitness knowledge. The classes are fun and relaxed.

But with only two locations, one in Chicago and another in Toronto, Flirty Girl Fitness is a truly unique and exciting new fitness gym that appeals to women who want to get a great workout and also unleash their sensual side. The girls at the front desk are awesome and friendly, all the staff members are great!

Even if you're on the shy side, there are private lessons and a DVD collection. It's a little pricey I'll admit, but I'd rather pay for an awesome gym I look forward to going to than a crummy one.

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They are a serious workout though, which I love! There is also a second location in Chicago. We even did a flash mob once for Halloween! The DVD collection includes five routines that will help you you take advantage of these sexy fitness classes in the privacy of your own home when you can't be in Toronto or Chicago.

Facility- Flirty Girl Fitness is located in a great location and is amazing inside! The only negatives for me are the cost, which is a bit steep and the location I would love one in the Loop or right by my condo.

Similar places nearby

Both are really great, but I prefer Jaydin because she goes slower with the choreography and includes more spins. From learning some new club dance moves, to relaxing yoga to boot camp classes, you can find anything for your fitness needs.

Inspired by an episode of Oprah when Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher gushed over how pole dancing classes were keeping her in the best shape of her life and allowing her to have loads of fun, the Knee sisters bought their own pole, taught themselves how to swing from it and then opened up their first Flirty Girl Fitness studio in Toronto.

I've been a member here since Octoberbut I've been taking classes on and off since There are so many bathroom stalls no waiting and they have great amenities such as hand towels for classes and beauty products you can borrow.

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Each class offers a total-body workout, burns calories and increases muscle tone. Erin Hedrington 5 out of 5 Rating 5 I cannot say enough good things about flirty girl!!! All the instructors I've taken class with are absolutely fabulous, super talented, and very helpful.

Flirty girl fitness dance

Darcy Cochrane 5 out of 5 Rating 5 Great instructors - friendly and helpful staff - I have been enjoying belly dance classes on Wednesdays at 7: Don't know who manages this place now since they had new managers there every couple of months.

Everything is pink, glittery and shiny. You can either sign up for membership or take a walk-in class but classes fill up quickly so it's best to sign up beforehand. And seriously, the instructors are the crowning jewel of this place, they are so awesome, and if you come you should try as many different classes as you can.

With their guidance, I get better every single class! Lifting weights and doing cardio without having to be concerned about who is looking. Greta Abinska 2 out of 5 Rating 2 Its a nice studio because its new the trainers are really nice but the divas at the front desk are not so much.

I've taken pole classes from both Lindy and Jaydin.