Welcome to Flirt Fitness Studio! Welcome to Flirt Fitness Studio!

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Can you imagine how wonderful the world would be if women built each other up like we do at Flirt? Results Expected Results vary on your own diligence keith apicary dating video girl the programs you select.

Flirt is something new and exciting. I'm so happy I found this place. I have found a place that is loving and kind to one another and continuously promotes this to not only the ladies in class, but to the outside world.

I was doing something that was so much fun, and making new friends while doing it! I tend to quit when things get flirty girl fitness free class, but I'm bound and determined to get to the top of the pole and sign my name on that ceiling!

I was sexually abused as a child and have struggled with this through my adult life. It was comfortable, fun, and a great workout!

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My family is horribly embarrassed, but I am so glad I have the opportunity to feel positive and sexy. Things I'd never imagine were possible for my body type - I am doing.

A Lot of Variety: I have found a community that will accept me for me, on my good days and bad. I feel really proud to be in your class. Anyhow, this pretty much is a long way of saying thanks to each of you for being my pole sisters.

If you're at all curious, just do it! Effortlessly Really fully grasp Willing to spend?

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Thank you Amy and your amazing instructors for this wonderful journey! She has no idea how much Flirt Fitness has impacted my life. And, while you are enjoying all that, you get a wonderful workout experience that leaves you feeling confident and beautiful throughout your week!

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BOOTY BEAT workout takes classic sexy moves from your favorite music videos and incorporates them into a fat burning aerobic class that will get your heart pumping and your hips gyrating.

Stay tuned for information about upcoming events at different nightclubs by visiting the Flirty Girl Fitness website here or checking our their Facebook page here.

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These encounters shaped a view of other girls as potential threats instead of potential friends. Not only great for fitness but wonderful for meeting new friends! The decision came as a response to the growing demand for more studios in other neighborhoods in the city besides Lincoln Park.

This past January, I realized my self-esteem was again falling, so I searched for an empowering activity to help me escape.

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More shots of Fireball, new smells in Spring. I definitely cannot wait to start my class!! I'm thankful to her for allowing me to be a part of it all, even if it's just cleaning for now. Four years ago, I broke my neck, but pole doesn't over work my neck like some other exercises.

I initially had taken the plunge and started a Level 1 class at Flirt Fitness for the workout aspect but it grew to be something so much more. This website has a lot of energy and positivity, and while it is still exercise, it is fun-filled, with a musical beat.

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The environment, the people, the empowerment It was so much fun!! Classes taught by inspirational women. I'm so much more in tuned to my body and what it is truly capable of doing.

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The techniques and style of all the different classes fits anyone's lifestyle, which makes you become addicted really fast. I had come to Flirt for a bachelorette party and fell in love immediately. This program is designed for the self-sufficient or self-disciplined.

You love the moves, the music and the magic of this amazing dance style. It helps You decide to work shoreline Within the business is palpitating And consequently in.

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Flirty Girl Fitness programs have a large list, and it can be hard to find a good starting place, or it might be tempting to jump around before any good workout results really start to show.

I love the support I see, hear, and feel in this studio and I wish more women would become part of it! It was there for me when I finally quit that job, and has been there through these past nine months as I have been unemployed, broke and struggling.

Perhaps most importantly, they represent the change of how I view other women. Flirt has shown me there's so much more in the world than living in a tiny box doing all those things society expects you to do.