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Checking your symptoms on Google and accepting that fact that you're going to die. The definition of a beautiful girl is one who loves me: All guys are the same. Funny Status Quotes is the best site that upgrades day by day most Funny Status Lines that continue bringing a grin at whatever point we read them.

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Newton's law of love: You can never fully forget the ones who gave you butterflies. I hate fake people.

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Choose your favorite Latest Funny status and share. My heart is stolen.

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Just ignore if you are jealous. How can I stop it?

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Whatsapp Status is the best site that distributed the Cute Funny Status Sanzero online dating Hindi One Line to you so that you alongside others can get a possibility of chuckling or grinning.

A lot of people don't realize that.

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How do people write an auto biography!! Kya chal raha he- bhai aaj kal to fog chal raha he. She's giving you a chance to change what you said. Don't forget to share these funny status in Hindi with your friends and relatives and make them laugh and have them chances to make them others laugh.

Giggling is thought to be the best solution for keep you solid. Some people have relationships and some people have patiyala. Above given whatsapp status is the best short status.

Whoever says "Good Morning" on Monday's deserves to get slapped: I'll tell you more. I took an IQ test and the results were negative. I'm falling in like you know.


My stars said I would meet the woman of my dreams tonight. I speak two languages, Body and English. When he calls, you hot he likes your body.

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I love my job only when I am on Holiday…. That is the reason specialists suggest that we ought not miss any possibility of giggling.

When you peruse the site, you will be astounded on discovering such a variety of various types of latest Fun Status and in addition other helpful status that you can use for your Whatsapp status in Hindi.

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A decent yet Funny Status is sufficiently proficient take bless the substance of each, which is a useful for our well being. Marriage is "Don't you think you've had enough! I woke up on the wrong side of Facebook. The human brain is amazing. My solution is you. Be careful of following the masses - remove the "m" and who exactly are you following?

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Girls bring smiles to our face, beauty to our eyes, and thoughts to think about daily. If I can look beautiful in my adhaar card,I bet I am handsome My study schedule: Along these lines, when we compose amusing affection status on Whatsapp status in Hindi, we allow to snicker at ourselves as well as others too.

And Fun is the main reason behind laughing, this means scientifically fun makes us healthier. The problem with some people is that they exist.

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If you don't want to have kids with me, then why don't we just practice? Try to say the letter M without your lips touching. When a woman says WHAT? If they come back, nobody else wanted them either: Why not have Everyone… God is really creativei mean.

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. If it comes back, it was meant to be.

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I always learn from mistake of others who take my advice: As you know that Whatsapp is the most used messenger. I can barley remember what I had for lunch yesterday: You know a girl is serious when they say your name in a text.

A bank is a place that will lend you money, if you can prove that you don't need it. Funny status in Hindi for boyfriend, girlfriend offers you a beneficial utilization of yours untruths.

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I always dream of being a millionaire like my uncle! We are WTF generation I really want to work so hard.