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They of course are not happy.

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Uh, to name a few! Monica leaves the apartment to get the pie only one is left because of Joey while mourning over her lost plate. The final Thanksgiving episode is no exception. Amy, you've got to stop doing that!

She ends up taking the baby to the restaurant. Joey does not get a date for Ross, but Ross does not know that and waits at the restaurant for hours hoping she will arrive. Ross and Joey go to the New York Rangers game knowing very well they'll be late.

Friends Episode

Let us know in the comments section below. He always knew how to support his sister the right way.

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The rest of the night, Chandler sulks on his own. Rachel in turn invites her over to Monica's Thanksgiving dinner. The one where they said Monica and Chandler haven't told Jack and Judy Geller that they're living together, because, well, they don't seem to like Chandler very much.

What was supposed to be a traditional English trifle turns into a hummel back stamp dating games travesty, and poor Rachel proves that she does friends thanksgiving with rachels sister dating have what it takes to handle the pressure of such a high-profile dish.

This is the first Thanksgiving that the group spends together - and it sets the tone for years to come. While watching the parade on TV, Joey sees the float with the stars of the popular day-time soap Days of our Lives and suddenly remembers that he was supposed to be there.

Ross, you are the worst friend ever. You don't want me to be happy. Joey is able to make the meal on time and the two must try to keep their table of six before they get kicked out when the others fail to arrive.

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Phoebe comes up with the lie of "I had a family emergency", which Joey decides is perfect. Landed on the stove and caught fire. Phoebe has her own problems. He has had a passion for TV since an early age and some of his current favorite shows include: Do you like this video?

She mistakenly believes that Phoebe 's name is "Emma" and that Emma's name is "Emily". They all show up late because they have something else happening in their lives. The gang are all late for thanksgiving as Ross and Joey were at a hockey game and Rachel and Phoebe took Emma to a baby beauty pageant, leading to Monica locking them out, but her mood is improved when she gets a call that a woman has picked her and Chandler to adopt her child.

Monica tries frantically to put away the wedding china, but one is knocked off the table, anyway. I mean, you know, it would be just like a movie. They're so special that TV marathons have even been dedicated to them. Maybe later we can all go blow our noses on my wedding dress.

And heres the float with the stars of the popular daytime soap Days of Our Lives. What are you thankful for? A lot of people are thankful for those.

The Best of the Best 'Friends' Season 9 Episodes

Joey forgets he's supposed to be in the Thanksgiving parade with the rest of the Days of Our Lives cast, so Phoebe teaches him how to lie to his producer. Later that night, he manages to tape up the box without letting Monica know they are broken.

He apologizes for it and tries to make Rachel's Thanksgiving less awful than it already is, but it doesn't make the situation any better.

They even started the horrible rumor that she was a hermaphrodite.

The One With Rachel's Other Sister

After being the one in charge of preparing Thanksgiving for years, Monica has finally had enough when the rest of her friends manage to show up late despite their earlier assertions. He won't even step up and defend his best friend, Chandler, who is trying really hard to get Jack and Judy to like him.

The gang spend Thanksgiving with Monica's new date, Tim - son of her old boyfriend Richard - while Chandler Bing spends six hours in a box, to show his regret for kissing KathyJoey's girlfriend Season 5" The One With the Thanksgiving Flashbacks " As the gang digests Monica's huge Thanksgiving meal, everyone reminisces about their worst Thanksgiving ever, including two of Phoebe's past lives losing their arm, Joey getting a turkey stuck on his headChandler's parents announcing their divorce, Chandler calling Monica fatand Monica unintentionally cutting off Chandler's toe Amy continues to complain about not getting Emma.

Not only does he call her "spoiled," "kind of ditzy" and "too into her looks," but he says she is "just a waitress. I'll tell you what.

The One With Rachel's Other Sister

The least he could do is have fun with her, rather than being so serious. No, Ross's sister was really fat. Meanwhile, the producers of DOOL have left Joey a message asking him why he wasn't at the parade, telling him that everyone is very mad.

Monica invites an old high school friend to Thanksgiving, unaware that he and Ross had a "we-hate-Rachel" club. This is the season that Phoebe began dating Mike, Ross holds a fake funeral for himself, and Monica takes a stab at singing karaoke.

But Ross barely defends his sister, making him the worst brother ever. The game ends up being guys vs. In this episode, they choose Secret Santas and Ross wants to trade Monica for Rachel, but he soon learns that the year before, when they were dating, Rachel exchanged the necklace he got her for something different.

Like the badass she is, Rachel throws Ross' comments back in his face by showing him all of the little things she saved from when they dated that meant something to her.

Friends » Season 10 » The One with the Late Thanksgiving

Rachel's other sister Amy shows up unexpectedly for Thanksgiving and is upset when she finds out Chandler and Monica get Emma if Ross and Rachel die. They even try to concoct a story, like being mugged, so Monica doesn't get mad. What did she get in return? He starts bragging about his new girlfriend, Carol, and can't help but rub it in Monica's face.

Giphy It's not Thanksgiving without football, which is what leads to the gang playing the sport in order to win the infamous Geller Cup. Everyone is too busy with their own problems to care about Phoebe and her birthday.

“The One with Rachel’s Other Sister,” original air date November 21, 2002

Your total disregard for other people's feelings? She asks if she will get her if Monica dies, as well. In Season 1, Monica decides to host Thanksgiving, since her parents are going on a trip. Meanwhile, Ross and Rachel have a feud of their own over an exchanged gift.

He also ends up with Rachel on his team by default, because she is last to be chosen.

No, I think we should save our china for something really special. Ok, but if something gets broken, and then the Queen comes over. Wait, what are you doing? The problem is that he is a terrible liar and for some reason incorporates raccoons into all of his lies.