Jo Kwon Profile and Facts (Updated!) Jo Kwon Profile and Facts (Updated!)

Gain jo kwon really dating games, tuesday, may 26, 2015

When i have agreed to be a star in We Got Married, i have never thought i'd be like this. Nichkhun passed his driving practical test and Victoria passed her driving theory test. Gain and Jo Kwon have their photo-shoot in Bali. I knew that Jo Kwon fell the same too.

Seohyun went to CN Blue concert and meets her in laws family for first time.

[News] GaIn, “I even get the illusion that I’m really dating Jo Kwon” | Daily K Pop News

I think its fine although i only can do that in We Got Married. I started to fall in love with Gain noona and i can't help myself. After the concert Nichkhun brought Victoria to a yacht while preparing a surprise concert for her.

Afterwards they drive through a snow storm to go on a romanic movie date. Nichkhun and Victoria make dalgona and Victoria prepares for Nichkhun's birthday. Seohyun and Yonghwa make kimchi at their house to give to the CN Blue members. They both end up jealous about something Nichkhun about Chansung, and Victoria about his racy performance.

After that, they visit an amusement park.


Jo Kwon and Jea make a biscuit house as an anniversary gift for Gain. Jo Kwon and Ga In attend a radio broadcast and announce their end of marriage. For the first time in Season II, the couples watch the footage together with the hosts in the studio.

Yonghwa surprises Seohyun with a very special present in the back of his car. Jea of Brown Eyed Girls 47 22 May Jo Kwon and Gain successfully participate in the parade as well as the interview meeting with foreign reporters.

We can't be true to ourselves. Though he is not handsome at all, he is funny, nice, and cute. I am a fan of 2am and also Gain. Victoria and Nichkhun enjoyed their last day of honeymoon in Thailand. But, My Agency, Naega Network, doesn't let me to date in the real life. Victoria went to Busan to watch 2PM concert.

Victoria and Nichkhun buy stuff for their new apartment. They also went on to their first and last trip as a 'to be' couple. He is my everything Yonghwa continues apologizing to Seohyun.

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But, the more i try to forget him, the more i miss him and those beautiful memories. Nichkhun takes Victoria and his "daughters" f x members to a water park. At that time, i see her as an idol.

Yonghwa buys a sweet potato farm for Seohyun's birthday, after pretending to forget about it. Jo Kwon and Gain leave the dorm for their house.

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Nichkhun even made Victoria shocked when he mistakenly say her name. Jo Kwon makes a love confession through Park Myungsoo's radio show to Gain on their th day anniversary. Nichkhun confesses his kiss scene in a CF to Victoria, she understands that it is just work but it still make her feel sad.

Jo Kwon sets up Gain's princess canopy for their bed.

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For me, she is the prettiest girl in this world. I love his funny and cute personality. Luna of f x and Junho of 2PM. Jo Kwon and Gain go to a health club to prepare for their wedding photoshoot.

After revealing his identity through his infamous rendition of the Abracadabra dance, they set off to find their new home, which to their horror is revealed to be a container box. Jo Kwon enforces a set of rules written by his fans which Gain must follow.

Yonghwa teaches Seohyun how to snowboard.

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Yonghwa and Seohyun host Ueno Juri in their house and teach her some Korean phrases. Yong kissed Hyun's forehead light as a feather while Hyun cutely smacks Yong's cheek. Victoria and Nichkhun have an emotional sendoff with Nichkhun's family in the airport.

No, i mean, i wish i can be her husband in the real life. While visiting the beach, they feed the seagulls. Lizzy of After School. Back in their apartment, Jo Kwon gives Gain her designer pouch, due to her winning on music chart, and bracelet for a one-year anniversary gift.

Meanwhile, the wives begin their training at the camp with a strict instructor. Gain held a back hug event for Jo Kwon. Nichkhun and Victoria go to their vacation spot and Nichkhun surprises her with his photo diary that he previously said he didn't have.

Lee Jungshin of C. I wanna treat her like my princess in everytime i am by her side. Much love from me! Later on, they visited Yong's old high school.