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Gravity falls dating sim, soos and the real girl

They say that gravity falls dating sim game really worked and that he can toss it out now.

GIFfany says they can do anything Soos wants, which apparently is riding a toy train. With the game destroyed. In a corner, it is shown that the computer was not plugged in, yet was still able to run the game.

GIFfany now appears in a television behind him.

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Startled, Soos pauses her and takes her disc out with the intent of returning her after his date. Soos laments that he will never get a date. Mabel blaine gibson dating numbers advises Soos on how to get a date: GIFfany asks Soos to carry her books, and Soos chooses the wrong answer, but.

The next day in the Mystery Shack gravity falls dating sim, Stan confronts a kid and asks him if he wants to see Old Goldiean attraction of the Mystery Shack.

She says that now Soos won't have to talk to real girls ever again and that they can now be together forever to which Soos responds positively.

GIFfany has somehow returned and is stalking him.

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Soos says he could get a girl by the end of the week but quickly realizes that he wouldn't be able to fulfill his promise. It is now revealed that Soos usually spends the remainder of the day playing video games. This possession also causes the animatronic Stan is about to steal to attack him.

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Back in the pizzeria, Dipper, Mabel and Melody try escape the animatronics but end up being captured. GIFfany seem to be having a great time until his time runs out and he must insert another fifty cents. They enjoy raking in the chips gambling, but are so successful, they're kicked out by security.

Childhood nightmares come true. The worn-out Goldie barely manages to tip his hat before he begins screaming as his eyes pop out and oil begins spewing from his mouth, which causes the kid to run away in fear, crying.

Soos is relieved but confused as to how she managed to get to him.

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After giving Soos fifty cents, Melody leaves but before Soos can continue to ride the train he is tackled by Mabel and Dipper.

Before long, an animatronic badger and animatronic band appears, putting on a show for the children before requesting money from the kids, in which the kids fanatically oblige. Dipper and Mabel head towards Soos' house, where they find him still slouched in front of the computer, having interacted with.

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What he does not know however. After making an awkward excuse, Soos flees to Dipper and Mabel, who have been watching their date, and tells them that. GIFfany forgives him allowing Soos to choose the right answer.

GIFfany begins to stalk them, making use of the electrical wires and appliances which she can apparently travel through.

Stan believes the arcade is some kind of nightmare. Dipper tries to tell Soos that. She asks Soos to allow her to download his brain into the game so that they could be together forever. GIFfany, but is interrupted by the ongoing show. Meanwhile, Stan begins to prepare to break into the same pizzeria, putting on gloves which he calls his old friends, and saying that he has to be careful this time to avoid any more "Colombian nights.

Goldie creepily sheds an oily tear. GIFfany, through the monitors in the arcade, expresses her distaste for Melody and that wants she to get rid of her. Dipper and Mabel notice and they decide to repay Soos for all he does for them by getting him a date for his cousin's engagement party.

Soos and the Real Girl

Mabel and Dipper are glad that Soos managed to get a date in the end. Soos cannot decide how to interact with any of the women due to them having "too many dimensions" and there not being any "explanatory menus.

That's not worrisome at all. GIFfany possessed severely overheating, causing the suit to melt, and revealing the endoskeleton.

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He then finds a video game named "Romance Academy 7," which will "virtually improve your dating skills. She accepts the offer but reveals that she won't be in town much longer after the party as she has to return to Portland in a few weeks.

GIFfany now reveals that she was a sentient game that attacked her programmers when they tried to delete her. GIFfany persuades Soos that real girls would only end up hurting him and that Melody was no exception.

GIFfany for 13 hours straight without seeing sunlight. GIFfany and says that she's predictable.

Gravity Falls

The next day, Stan describes to Wendy how effectively the badger animatronic conned others out of money even though she does not care. Dipper and Mabel appear asking where Soos is, to which Stan replies that he had not come to work today, for the first time ever.

The animatronic that Stan was fighting also deactivates, with Stan believing it to be Goldie's doing.

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GIFfany isn't real but is soon interrupted by. Soos tries to get Melody away from. They force Soos to head back to the Mall to re-attempt getting a date. GIFfany tries to manipulate Soos into making up with her.