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We set off a bunch of illegal fireworks in Tennessee when we were on tour with Mumford and Sons. I am hanging out with someone else but I can totally ditch them and come to hang with you! We have loads of our own songs.

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Early next year, probably spring next year. Or did you have other plans and a plan B? He is an amazing guitarist, all his songs are great and he produces everything himself.

Yes sure everyone has idols. You have 4 songs out now.

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They played with us when we first had a headlining show in London. When will you drop a full length then? Tell the German boys to bring it on! When I am not with them and with other friends I always call them and ask: Oh oh and he has to be funny and tall, taller than me and look like Javier Bardem.

Yea, they were legal in Tennessee! Este the oldest of the 3 plays the base and takes the part as the main entertainer on stage. We saw her play the Hollywood Bowl just a couple of weeks ago and she is so good live.

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We are so thankful that she asked us to come on tour with her. No, it was just for fun. It was a crazy show because we just had signed our deal and literally we walked on stage and our parents were with us and they came up on stage with us and played Mustang Sally, which was awesome.

Of course all the other stuff like have a good heart and bla bla is important, but really he just has to look like Javier Bardem.

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And that was the first time that we all really bonded. I like them tall and you know what? Well, they were not illegal they were very much legal. Do you have musical idols?

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I can show you my Halloween nail art! Playing the lead guitar Danielle totally impresses her audience with her virtuosic skills. With Rockinhaim it was all cover songs and none of our own songs. Yes, so we were on tour with Mumford And Sons and we almost blew off one of their heads!

She is an amazing nail-artist she does designs and all the pictures in her phone are her nails arts… Alana: He is a very underrated guitarist! The people that I respect the most are the hardest workers like Beyonce.

If I wanted to buy a house in L.

Haim fired agent for being paid 10 times less than male artist - BBC News

But also play hard! Beyonce is my idol. I could call up your parents?