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Because of this background, Schulenburg immersed himself in practical subjects such as agrarian debt and land reform. In this show trial, with the infamous Nazi Roland Freisler presiding, Schulenburg explained his actions thus: In accordance with the traditions of the Prussian nobilitythe children were at first strictly educated at home by a governess.

Their unity must flirt giphy dance so tight that war will never again be waged between them in future, and Europe's outside interests can be protected jointly Resistance movement[ edit ] On the Eastern Front, the crises that became apparent involving the provisioning, military leadership, and treatment of civilian populations in conquered lands gave Schulenburg reason to distrust the Nazis.

However, owing to his aristocratic status and connections, he was released. He returned to Germany in The conflicts with Koch increased as time went on, but in he was promoted by the German Interior Ministry and posted to Berlin as vice president of police.

He married Charlotte Kotelmann in the same month. However, Schulenburg increasingly came into conflict with his superior, Erich Kochthe infamous Gauleiter of East Prussia.

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Joining the Nazi Party[ edit ] Schulenburg's first contacts with the Nazi Party came inand he had become a party member byat about the same time as the rest of the family joined. Attempted coup and execution[ edit ] Schulenburg was one of the inner circle of the plotters against Hitler and was actively involved in the planning of Operation Valkyrie.

Contrary to expectations, however, the two very different officials got along well together. A remarkably forward-looking resistance-group plan for postwar Europe, co-authored by Schulenburg insays: His new jobs at this time were mainly to establish Gleichschaltung the Nazi policy of forced "coordination" of societal groups among officials in the realm of his influence, and also to delegate jobs to Nazi Party members.

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His immediate superior was the Berlin President of Police Wolf Heinrich von Helldorfwho resisted having Schulenburg assigned for a long time. Inhe interrupted his training for three months and served as a sailor on a steamship to South America and back.

However, it was not until his experiences in the invasion of the Soviet Union in that he became a critic of Hitler's conduct of the war. With this elite unit, he participated in the Russian Campaign and was awarded the Iron Crossfirst class.

Otto Strasser escaped into exile in following the Bamberg Conference where he opposed Hitler. One of the greatest friends to the circle at that time was Count Peter Yorck von Wartenburganother scion of a historically famous Prussian noble family.

The solution of the European states can only be effected on a federative basis, with the European states incorporating themselves into a community of sovereign states by their own free decision.

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Wartime experiences[ edit ] Despite military officials' reservations about Hitler 's plans for conquest, and despite shock over the seamy affair of Army Commander in Chief Werner von Fritsch 's discharge in see Blomberg-Fritsch AffairSchulenburg volunteered for military service at the front with patriotic enthusiasm.

In the same year, he was posted to East Prussiawhere he helped to build the Nazi rank and file. By this time he viewed his duty as organizing the resistance for the forcible removal of Hitler.

At one point Freisler, who had been addressing him throughout the trial as "Scoundrel Schulenburg," inadvertently called him by his hereditary title of "Count Schulenburg" — whereupon Schulenburg interrupted him by humorously saying, "Scoundrel Schulenburg, please!

It is clear to me that I shall be hanged for it, but I do not rue my deed and hope that another, in a luckier moment, will undertake it.

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As the son of a prominent old Prussian noble family, Schulenburg was a member of the German Empire's ruling classwhich was defined by the two pillars of the state, the military and the civil service.

As a lieutenant in the reserves, Schulenburg was posted to the reserve battalion of Infantry Regiment 9 in Potsdam. He was intended by the plotters to head the Interior Ministry after Hitler had been killed. Inhe took the state examination in Celleand for the next five years was employed as a trainee civil servant in Potsdam and Kyritz.

His romantic vision of the farming community and of social justice soon earned him the nickname the "roter Graf" "Red Count" from his colleagues. He completed his training inand became a graduate civil servant Assessor in Recklinghausen.

On 20 JulySchulenburg was in the headquarters of the revolt, the Bendlerstrasse military intelligence headquarters in Berlin, and he was arrested there on that day, shortly after the attempt on Hitler's life had failed.

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His attitude towards National Socialism changed radically at this time. On 10 August he was tried by the notorious Nazi Volksgerichtshof. Schulenburg could be counted among the followers of "north German" National Socialism, characterized mainly by the brothers Gregor and Otto Strasser.