Which Hetalia Character would you Date? Which Hetalia Character would you Date?

Hetalia what character are you dating quiz. What hetalia character are you?

Since I've done more than most.

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I don't want him hiding from me behind a piano. A large house with a nice tea room. She loves my wurst and training.

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And I l-like her! She took me down in a fight in five minutes!

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Take her to your house. An enormous mansion right by McDonalds. And that accent is just so much better coming from her! What do you do? She even find Tony cool!

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Come at me baby! Question 3 out of 5 Somebody slaps you in the face. She reminds me of a younger me! She dresses up like a cat A beautiful, luxurious home with a big master bedroom and kitchen.

Lord knows she is sexy just don't touch her unless you FEEL like dying! Even if they are on both sides of the spectrum.

What Hetalia Character Are You?

Whenever I want it to be Describe your childhood. Say "KolKolKol" and beat them with your pipe.

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I'm so awesome It stayed I killed Hungary with my Awesomeness! Question 5 out of 5 What would your most favored best friend be like?

What Hetalia Character are you mostly like?

What Hetalia Character Are You? She keeps My brother happy, so It can't be that bad to be around her, right? I was beaten, and didn't exactly know what was going on when I was, I couldn't do anything about it I was raised by a very irresponsible sibling, I helped him more than he did me, and I still do.

Though I can't see her alot. Even is she is the enemy! I love her so much I think I'll ask her to marry me She should be my buddie She is a great sister.

Which Hetalia Character would you Date?

She is great to have around! Keh, why would she date England!? Always taking steps one at a time. Hmn, I hear from Finland that she is truely sexy. Where has she been all my life!?

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She is so cute! She loves Gilbird and helps me with my blogs! I'm sorry I kept her so long She fought with me and I WON! She keeps me away from my brothers!