Hoya Species, Miniature Wax Plant, Beautiful Hoya, Porcelain Flower Hoya lanceolata subsp. bella Hoya Species, Miniature Wax Plant, Beautiful Hoya, Porcelain Flower Hoya lanceolata subsp. bella

Hoja lanceolada yahoo dating. Hoya plant: how to care for the wax plant

Because of it the hoya is rarely grown out-of-doors in Florida and other frost-free sections where climate would permit. Kloppenburg and featured as such in World of Hoyas.

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The glass of the jug was barely transparent. The plant is now a good 48" long and very full. Specific epithet means lance-shaped in reference to leaf shape.

Supply all but the hottest sun. Slightly pubescent with costa prominent on underside. Each flower cluster typically contains from flowers. There are no records of the distribution of seedlings.

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Mine always looks a little sun burned and sad due to it getting southern and western sun everyday but blooms every May for the last 3 years. Do you have any idea why? Margins are slightly recurved, the both sides of the leaf slightly pubescent with prominent venation.

Hoja lanceolada yahoo dating This cultivar is a suspected seedling of H. Other seedlings from the same grex are in circulation, with very similar leaf markings varying in the apexes and similar flowers.

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Hoya keysi — has thick close-jointed stems and heavy, gray-green leaves covered with down, off-white flowers, red base. The exact number of species is a mystery.

In the continental U. They used three kinds of wax plants: The plant in the glass of water blooms. Some consider Hoya blooms among the most exquisite creations of nature, seemingly fashioned from ivory or porcelain, with glimmering centers of ruby and amethyst. Several variations are available: It is an active bloomer, hemispherical umbels, flowers with greenish yellow strongly recurved corollas and deep pink coronas, with a pleasant scent.

The easiest method of propagation is by air-layering. Common name refers to the waxy flowers and leaves.

Hoya lanceolata ssp. bella cv. Variegata Louis Buis

Noteworthy Characteristics Hoya lanceolata, commonly known as wax plant, wax flower or honey plant, is an epiphytic, shrubby, climbing or trailing member of the milkweed family.

Hoya Pest and Problems Hoya has remarkably few pests. More on applying liquid plant foods here. During winter keep the plants cool, 50 degrees, and rather dry. G's leaves have the same slight pubesence on the very dark green upper side as the suspected parent.

Good light is necessary for flower production. The original plant is growing in soil. After buds set, you can increase the temperature again slightly.

Hoya lanceolata subsp. bella

Place both plants in the window, keep them well watered and next spring you should see more blooms. Hoya coronaria — is a climber, not widely available, with waxy leaves that re-curve and are hairy beneath. Many home hoya growers cannot get their plant to bloom.

It is a vigorous, strong grower, vining kind with distinctly fragrant flowers, pink with red crowns. This cultivar is a vigorous grower and prolific bloomer with a very sweet scent.

Hoya latifolia cinnamonum — Egg-shaped coppery leaves with paler veins. Although the plants do not require direct light, they would not do well away from a window, unless you prefer to grow them under fluorescent grow lights.

Hoya Species, Miniature Wax Plant, Beautiful Hoya, Porcelain Flower

I was totally floored! A really nice houseplant in northern areas and can grow outside in zone Hoya bella — is a handsome dwarf, small growing species with slender upright branches that droop down as they age; a non climber, small leaves are thick, dark green; flowers are white with purple centers.

Positive On Nov 10,mumita wrote: This is seriously the easiest plant I have every rooted. Listed at the end of the article are over recognized species.

The flowers resemble both parents: I prefer small clay terracotta pots over plastic, although either can be used.

Secondly, the wax plant flower will do best when placed next to the glass on the window sill as well.

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There is no record of the distributions of seedlings. Leaves are elliptic with acute tips, very similar to H. When purchased I didn't know what it was, nor did I know it bloomed.