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Simply mix and match the colors and labels. Logitech Speaker Installation by Mikhail Polenin Installing speakers on your computer opens you up to more types of media possibilities, from listening to audio clips to watching videos with sound on the Internet.

Using Headphone Jack

The LED light comes on. It also includes a control pod that allows you to regulate volume. Step Press the "Power" button on the control pod to power on your subwoofer. Find the speaker cables attached to each speaker.

How to hook up an AV amp with Logitech Z-2300 1 powered speakers

Video of the Day Using Headphone Jack Step Plug the pin attached to the two satellite speakers into the speaker port on the back of your subwoofer.

Audio jack inputs may be located on the back or front of your TV or monitor depending on the model.

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Step Place the power cable into an open electrical outlet. Turn the volume up using the control pad attached to your subwoofer in order to turn on your system.

Using RCA Audio to 3.

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Step Plug the pin connected to the control pod into the 3. Step Plug the pin connected to the control pod into an open headphone jack on your TV. The speakers allow you to hear surround sound effects and create a theater-like feeling.

Hooking up logitech speakers to a Fantom X

Step Connect the red and white inputs on the "RCA audio to 3. Items you will need.

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This speaker port fits the connector from your speaker system and relays the analog data for your sound. Step Turn on your TV and then move the volume control on the control pod to increase or decrease volume.

If you have a subwoofer included with your two speakers, connect the cable from the speakers onto the subwoofer's audio port.

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Connect the cable from your subwoofer to the line-out, or green, speaker port on your computer. The speaker labeled "Center" goes into the "Center" connection of your subwoofer.

Connect the power cable from your Logitech subwoofer into a grounded power outlet. If you have only two speakers, connect the speaker cable leading out from them into your computer's line-out port directly.

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Share on Facebook The Logitech Z is a 2. Step Connect the power cable to an open electrical outlet. If you have a 5. Step Press the "Power" button on the control pod to power on your subwoofer and then turn on your TV.

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Before you install speakers from Logitech, make sure your computer has a line-out speaker port, usually colored green. Connecting your speaker system to your TV monitor may enhance sound output especially when watching movies.