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Let's spawn an object.

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Plus, if your map contains certain kinds of chairs, the game will spawn peds sitting in them! Select an object to open the properties menu. Everything in Object Spooner can be done via menu trees while you're walking around in the game world like you normally would.

This will let you move your entities into exactly the right place, with much more precision than your controller or mouse would allow you in Spooner Mode.

How to Hook Up Multiple Game Systems to Your TV

And since Spooner Mode has a built in object preview, we can scroll through the list and look at our choices. In Spooner Mode, you can move the cursor over the object look for the cursor to turn green and press D-pad Left. Or custom vehicles with props attached: I don't recommend this last option, as it can sometimes be hard to tell what the cursor is selecting when you do this, and you may inadvertantly delete something you want to keep.

These posts won't be as pic-heavy once we've got the basics out of the way, I promise. If you're not using Spooner Mode, you'll have the option to set it to the coordinates you're standing on.

Or dynamic scenarios involving moving objects, pedestrians, and animations: Spooner files use the.

Hooking up Multiple Video Game Systems by Mike Matei [Download and Play]

And one you've closed Menyoo, you'll find that when you move your crosshairs over an object and the crosshairs turn greenthis dialogue box appears: Your map is loaded. There's also an option to do this in the property menu, which we'll open in just a second. The first is by using the same system of menus we used to spawn the object.

Or, you can enter "Spooner Mode" which is an aerial camera view with a cross hair. You can also use the Load menu to change attributes of your file, such as changing the Reference Point to your character's position, or setting a default Weather to load when the map is loaded.

How To Hook Up Multiple Game Systems To Your TV | How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

Look for a button prompt to add an object you like to your Favorites. There is no "undo" button in Menyoo. You'll see a list of objects you've spawned, and a blue arrow will point to whichever one you highlight.

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Alternately, you can select the object and delete it from the Property Menu. But over the past year it has grown into much more than that.

Saving and Loading Let's pretend that the random smattering of crap we've just laid down is a masterpiece that we want to share with others or continue to work on later. Don't think too hard about it, just do it.

How to Hook Up Multiple Game Systems to Your TV

The top option in this submenu is called "Scroll Sensitivity. Scroll down to Object Spooner, and let's get started. I hope that by reading this you'll be inspired to pick it up and eventually make something creative of your own!

Now, this might be a little confusing at first, but to use Spooner Mode this way you have to switch it on and then exit out of Menyoo entirely.

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First, let's spawn something. The most important feature is the one at the very bottom: Consider it a bonus.

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Spooner Mode is generally easier to use, so we'll start with that. Vehicles and Pedestrians Vehicles and peds can be placed just as easily as objects in the Spawn Entity menu. You will always need the most current copy of the game and of Script Hook V.

One last thing before we get started: I'll be able to take questions after I finish all the posts I have planned, because the questions people will ask are probably covered in there.

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Then click Load Placements. Moving Things Around There's a whole lot of stuff in the properties menu, a lot of which is self-explanatory. Way too many to sort through, so let's use the search feature and type in "chair" A much more manageable results.

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In the meantime, check out my Youtube channel for some more examples of what you can do with Menyoo. Now start your game and press F8 or whatever hotkey you assign to open it.