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How to hook up a dvd player to a hisense tv, how to hook up a dvd player to an old tv

Make sure all 3 cables are plugged in. The problem will disappear if I use an external speaker.

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Always plug in the power cord after you have connected all the other plugs. Nowadays, it is convenient that you can sit in a coach and watch a movie at home with eating popcorn instead of going to a cinema.

My sound is back on! You will enjoy movies as good as your TV can show them, but the connection type will be analog.

You can connect a PS3 to other devices in a variety of ways, but first you have to see what kind of cables fit the available inputs. I have tried both remotes cable and tv and there is very limited options to try…thus the factory reset. We could not hear anything either using an earphone connected to the TV.

I will tell you that To do all this, though, you first must set up everything properly. How can I fix this problem it works with a fiber optic cable all the time? Is the TV hot dating browning sweet 16 shotgun information warm?

How to Hook Up a DVD/VCR Player & Satellite Box to an LCD TV | It Still Works

What do you think is the problem here? Thank you, saved me from major expense!

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I am trying to connect my DVD player and it produces pictures but no sounds. This older woman will worry less now that she knows about this site.

On another channel i have audio but right at 6: You will have to do some troubleshooting to find the exact issue.

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Is there anything I could do if the TV does have a messed up motherboard? In a word, you need to plug each ends of the cable into the corresponding interfaces on both DVD player and TV according to the shape and the color.

If the same exact device delivers sound with one particular show and not another, that means the component is working but there may be issues with the movie itself. Could my problem be that I need to purchase a sound bar, or some audio cables?

If you cannot find the exact MODEL number, do research to see if a model number close to your specific TV model might have the same exact board.


Am I thinking it going to be the sound board in the TV, if so is it terminal or is it cost effective to replace the sound board. After insert a readable disc into you DVD player, you can start to enjoy it.

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Does the TV screen look fine despite the noise? After grasped the right connection, you'd better use the original cable packaged with your DVD player.

I have two questions… 1 How can I fix it? This will tell you if the TV is bad or just the component you are trying to watch is bad or disconnected. However, this does not mean that the quality of the movies will be poor. They suggested to rescan for channels as the TV needs to update periodically.

If I switch off the TV for more than 30 min and then turn on the TV then sound is coming back but then going off after min again. What make and model number is your TV? Step 4 Plug the AC power cord into an electrical outlet in the wall.

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Can you connect a component to the audio out jack and see if that produces sound? Freshfield, Liverpool, UK This expert is wonderful. Assuming that your home theater is connected to your television properly, connecting your PS3 into the mix will be no problem at all.

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Instructions 1 Look at the back of your home theater receiver to see what kind of inputs you are working with. I have over the air TV and one main channel i have audio but the sub channel i cant hear. Have you tried going into the menu of the component and adjusting the sound settings?

Hisense tv usb not working

If not you may have a bad speaker or bad sound board in your TV. I also have a 40 inch Skyworth TV and I have experienced the same issue. With a DVD Player, you can easily enjoy your preferred videos or movies without paying much money or getting any distractions.

B Mathebula January 28, at 5: The TV sound board may be faulty, but you need to test things to be sure.

10 Ways To Fix A TV That Has A Picture But No Sound

You may also be using just a cable for video and not audio. But do not stack them together, for they will heat up and damage each other.

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If I leave it for about 15 minutes switched on, the sound comes on eventually by itself.