How to hook up an N64 to a TV that only supports HDMI? - Games Discussion - GameSpot How to hook up an N64 to a TV that only supports HDMI? - Games Discussion - GameSpot

How to hook up all gaming systems to one tv, how to hook up surround sound to tv

Plug the end of that into the Wii console. Press the "OK" or "Enter" button on the microphone touchpad. You can do just a handful, the number that I've chosen nineor more.

How to Hook Up an Xbox System to a TV | It Still Works

This guide tries to keep final performance as close to the mark as it was when these consoles were first released. These will walk you through any necessary steps to get your system running based on pre-set standards.

What Customers are Saying: Web sites like justanswer. Step Connect the yellow, red and white RCA cable that lead from the microphone base to the corresponding input ports on the TV. The really nice thing is, should you ever exceed eight systems, you can just buy another and plug that into the first switch in a daisy-chain.

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The Genesis run buy daivobet ointment online dating some of the most revisions and models of any console.

Less well-known are the model changes that aren't also a drastic redesign, but these can be just as important.

How can I hook up PC-type speakers to my tv?

Use rubber bands to help keep cords from getting tangled if you need. When it comes to TVs, many families are still occasionally throwing out or trying to get rid of their old tube sets now that HDTVs have become the norm.

If the tray's cutout is shaped like a keyhole, with a large circle in the center and straight lines leading back to the system, that's a Philips model - not as good, but not bad. Do not plug in the cable to the system itself yet. Dolby Atmos sound calls for the addition of elevation speakers, allowing sound to come not only from all around you, but also from directly overhead.

Typically, they need to be wired to a surround sound receiver, which acts as the brain of the entire system, receiving input from your Blu-ray player, cable TV box or gaming console and sending the sound through the wires to its designated speaker.


Not yet ready to welcome your robotic overlords—or at least their helpful, pristine-audio-delivering helpers? Yellow is the video plug, red is the audio plug, and white is the mono plug. Information in questions, answers, and other posts on this site "Posts" comes from individual users, not JustAnswer; JustAnswer is not responsible for Posts.

Connect the component cable to your Xbox system.

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They really helped put my nerves at ease. Unless you're dead-set on nostalgia and getting a 'fat' PS2, go for the Slim. Want to hook up a surround sound system? Avoid systems with a tray where the cutout portion comes straight forward and makes a curve at the end.

Want clearer picture or sound? Every time you label a new input, plug in the corresponding system's cables to the switch. There's very little difference between slim models, though you should avoid the SCPH model due to compatibility issues with some discs.

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He has over seven years of technical and educational writing experience, and has brought strong skills and passion to the Demand Studios team in articles for eHow and Trails in They truly know what they are talking about, and they actually care about you. Note the name of the port on the rear of TV that you use to connect the RCA cables from the microphone base.

Plus, certain gaming systems, such as the PS4 and Xbox One, can also play movies. Avoid the chance of an electrical shock by unplugging every component in the entertainment and surround sound system that can be plugged into the wall. Get one long enough to reach from wherever you're going to place your switch to the back of the TV, with a bit of slack to spare.

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Go for the DOL model, which can be easily distinguished by its lack of a digital output on the back. Decide where you're going to place your consoles.

You can probably find one fairly easily by visiting a thrift store, flea market, Facebook marketplace, or Craigslist. RobinElkton, Maryland He answered my question promptly and gave me accurate, detailed information. There will be a specific port for this on the back of the console, and that will be the only place where the cable connector will fit.

Handheld devices with built-in microphone and decibel-reading sensors give you accurate readings as you navigate the system, moving from speaker to test-noise-emitting speaker.

Think of it as leveling up.

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Use the TV remote control to set its input or source to the video port to which you connected the karaoke microphone base. Share on Facebook It used to be that if you wanted to create a karaoke system in your home, you had to connect regular XLR-type microphones to a high-output amplifier and purchase an expensive disc player to plays CDG karaoke discs.


With modern karaoke systems, though, all the hardware needed to sing along to your favorite tunes is inside the microphone. Before actually securing any ends in place, be sure that all wires and cords are hidden and out of the way as possible. Same with composite, if you have them. How do you hook up a laptop to a TV?

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Very few people want them or want to deal with the hassle of carrying one, so you should be able to get a decent price too. Red typically indicates where the positive wire should go, and black or blue indicates the negative.

Abbreviate to save space, but otherwise do whatever you need to make sure you understand which button belongs to which system. However, they don't make a noticeable difference in either performance or reliability, so I suggest you just get whichever one is your favorite color.

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Keep in mind, though, that optical cable can only support 5. Why bother keeping things old-school? If you are, plug everything into the designated ports and move on. Surround Sound Speaker Placement Before you begin any surround sound setup, you have to believe one crucial truth: The rest of you, read on.