How to hook up an amp and sub to stock head unit?? - NASIOC How to hook up an amp and sub to stock head unit?? - NASIOC

How to hook up capacitor amp subs, erhalten sie personalisierte werbung von partnern unseres vertrauens

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Yeah LIKE anybody can go out and buy one. Other wise, probably behind the radio. Protect your speakers, and better sound quality. I hope that helps!

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You may need to do an audio processor that sums the frequencies off the stock amp prior to your aftermarket amplifier so you can get a true full range signal. The millifarad is rarely used in practice, so that a capacitance of 4. The last thing you want is your house up in flames, so check them once more.

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Will this work for the subwoofer output on the back of the stock stereo? I have them in a Honda accord tapped in through both rear trunk speakers currently and mehmet akif alakurt dating simulator sound great and all but with all this new technology there has to be a way to improve, could you guide me with any way to improve my system when switching it from the Honda to the cadillac?

Keith April 17, at See the "Stock head unit information" link above.

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Also note for this reason you should really pre charge capacitors of this size. Thanks and have a great day. A large capacitor can fill in the blanks, acting like a reservoir and keeping the voltage constant.

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Annie September 24, at 3: What if any options are there for this if using a factory head unit? Additionally I would get a bass knob so you can have an independent sub level volume control as opposed to adjusting the bass on the head unit which will adjust bass levels to all speakers.

Try to keep the total length of your ground less than 18". And this is equipment needing better quality than in a hi-fi.

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How do can hook up lightning audio amps? I want bass without having to buy a new alternator lol…. He has written travel and outdoor recreation articles for a variety of print and online publications, including "Rocky Mountain Magazine" and "Bomb Snow.

This sends the audio from your audio source turntable, ipod, mp3, laptop etc. This story was originally published on April 15,and has since been updated with additional information.

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Most, but not all, subwoofers have these inputs; they get connected using speaker cables to the same speaker output jacks on your receiver or amplifier that are also hooked up to your speakers. OnDemand lists black as negative and white as positive on the stock subs.

Modern capacitors are constructed using a range or manufacturing techniques and materials to provide the extraordinary wide range of capacitance values used in practical electronics applications from femtofarads to farads and voltage withstand capabilities from a few volts to a several kV. Looks like a nice quality piece, those dip switches are a little bit confusing but the way it's built it is necessary to have them.

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Turn on all of your componets to your setup, and if you have all the wires hooked up correctly the music or movie whatever your playing should come out of you speakers.

Frank June 22, at I don't think that's good for any part of your system.

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This is done to stop fluctuations in the voltage supply. And they have so many variations! Laguna Blue Pearl As armand1 said, it's easier to 'tap' the speaker wires behind the factory radio.

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Here is the problem when I play music too load the system shuts down. MERGE exists and is an alternate of.