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How to hook up wii classic controller to wii u, wii u gamepad

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The GameCube feature disables the Wii side of the console, so the wii-motes won't work or the attached "classic" controller. Can you use the wii classic controller to play gamecube games?

Let Nintendo help you. How do you connect a GameCube controller to a Wii? This honestly worked cause I have a weird wii Skylander Lovers: If this still does not work, you might need to call Online dating etiquette email thank at You can have a look at the wii controllers online: Keep making videos and forget the haters.

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Turn the Wii console on. Thats one of the worst help vids ever. Call of Duty Black Ops Wii About Wii Classic Controller Jumping to the left, dodging to the right, swing your arm and winding up for the throw is all part of the fun when playing with a Wii.

The controllers are easy to synch to your console and are ready within minutes of hooking up.

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How do you reconnect your Wii controller to your Wii system When you don't have a controller connected? Information about controller options is available on the screen for a particular game on the Wii Shop Channel.

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Ask to speak to a representative. Had my kid try it on regular wii super Mario bros and it did not work. At the top of the Wii, you can open 2 lids.

Now she's back in forth playing the classic controller and the nun-chuck with remote depending on her mood.

Wii Classic Controller

Simple the same way you connect on nun chuck to the wii remote 3 people found this useful Do you have to buy the Wii Classic Controller? You cant really mess that up.

This should reconnect the remote to the console. Support young people stepping out!

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I was on a website where the senior president says she loves the nun-chuck and remote but wen she played with the classic controller she fell in love with it.

You can find cheaper prices by buying used controllers from stores such as GameStop.

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What do you do when both of your Wii controllers will not connect to the Wii system? Shop the large inventory of video game accessories including Nintendo Wii gamepad controllers! It must be plugged into the Wii Remote to work.

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If these steps do not work, unplug the power cord from the Wii console and let the Wii sit for a few seconds. I got this answer from listening to their automated voice. There is also a Wii Classic Controller Pro that is sometimes sold for more.

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How do you connect a new controller to your Wii? Thanks for the tutorial. Press and release the red "SYNC" button below the batteries on the Wii remote and on the wii at the same time. If you mean a classic controller, it connects to the Wii remote like a nunchuk.

I wanted to bypass all the wasted battery power, oh well.

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Whoever doesn't know how the hook it up are idiots TREX: Screw those haters thanks any way Awesome Why i have to Plug in?? There is only one way to plug it in. Open the slot cover on the front of the Wii where you put SD cards.

How to Play Virtual Console Games on the Wii: 5 Steps

You can choose from a wired or wireless Wii classic controller pro to play with. Don't listen to the negative feedback. What a dumb ass just wasting we're good youtube videos could be by pluging in a wii accesory Rating: You can not play NBA Live 09 with the classic controller.