How To Stop Panic Attacks Naturally – 7 Proven Methods

How To Stop Panic Attacks NaturallyWhen looking for methods to help you stop panic attacks and get rid of anxiety symptoms for good, you have to understand that the techniques that work in some patients may not be successful in others.

In other words, in order to find the best treatment and learn how to stop panic attacks naturally, you’ll have to try several solutions, practice different techniques and use various herbal remedies until you’ll manage to identify the treatment plan that works for you.

Given below are some suggestions and tricks that other anxiety sufferers looking into how to stop anxiety attacks find effective. They may not help you stop panic attacks, but there’s a good chance for these natural treatment methods to bring the expected results.

Thus, if you really want to get rid of this disturbing condition and achieve control over its symptoms, you should give it a try and apply all the following techniques and therapies in a very conscious manner!

How To Stop Panic Attacks Naturally Through Progressive Muscle Resting

Progressive muscle resting in a very effective method used in preventing and treating anxiety crisis (How To Stop Anxiety Attacks), a technique which helps the sufferer relax, eliminating negative thoughts and feelings and preparing the body and mind for a positive state.

To learn how to stop panic attacks using this method, you have to practice the posture, movements and breathing – start by choosing a quiet place, recline in a chair and wear loose clothes for maximum comfort. Rest your hands on the chair’s arms and take some deep breaths.

Squeeze muscles in your forehead, keeping them tensed for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat for 30 seconds and then move to the jaw, neck, shoulders and arms, repeating the same ritual. Muscles in your hands, buttocks, legs and feet will come next, the process being the same: start by contracting muscles, keep them tensed for 10-15 seconds, then release and repeat 2-3 times for each muscle group.

This simple technique will help you stop panic attacks easier as it relieves tension and stress, equilibrating your mind and inducing a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Treat Panic Attacks Naturally, By Talking to Yourself

While this is probably not the most professional and advanced technique to stop anxiety attacks you heard about until now, it’s definitely a very efficient way to cope with panic, worries and fears, as it enables you to identify the root cause of your condition.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by anxiety and you have the discouraging feeling that something terrible will happen, try to take a deep breath, relax and talk to yourself. Analyze the situation and try to see whether things really are as they seemed few moments ago or not.

Try not to postpone this until your heartbeats are already very fast and you feel you’re losing control. The sooner you take a break and talk to yourself, the better you’ll manage the situation so if you want to stop anxiety attacks, improve your self confidence and get rid of negative thoughts and exaggerate worries, start applying this easy method right away.

Stop Anxiety Attacks By Watching A Relaxing Movie

Watching something funny and relaxing is another method that seems to work quiet well in people looking into how to stop panic attacks naturally, without drugs and professional therapy sessions.

Movies have the great advantage of forcing you to move focus and attention on something you enjoy, so instead of worrying and thinking about threatening or terror-inducing situations you’ll spend time in a pleasant way.

Repeat this routine daily if it brings you the much wanted calm and relaxation or save it only for the nights when you’re not very tired, just to make sure it won’t add more stress and fatigue and won’t make you more anxious than you were before watching the movie.

How To Treat Anxiety Attacks By Focusing On Your Hobbies

Having spare time is great but not filling it with something useful, funny and challenging will make you even more anxious and worried, so if you really want to find out how to stop anxiety attacks once and for all, make sure to fill all your free time with creative, funny and entertaining activities.

If you like reading, just get some good books, find a relaxing and friendly environment and enjoy the texts. If you’re into sports, put on some comfy clothes and a pair of sneakers and go jogging, running, cycling or do whichever physical activity makes you feel accomplished and happy.

If you don’t have a hobby, try to find some activities that involve your talents and excite your interest, such as learning how to play the guitar, solving challenging logic problems, learning to skate, exploring your cooking skills or painting.

How To Cure Panic Attacks Naturally, With Cold Compresses

Applying some cold compresses on your face, neck and chest area when you feel an anxiety crisis is about to start seems to be effective in calming your spirit and eliminating negative thoughts.

Accessible and easy to apply at home as well as at the office, this technique helps you relax, see things clearer and overcome the most persistent panic-inducing ideas and thoughts as it cools your body, relieving hot flushes and normalizing the blood flow in the treated area.

For more rapid and intense results, you can add a few lavender oil drops on the cold compress before applying it on the skin, as the scent will help you relax, stop anxiety and panic attacks and experience a deep feeling of well being.

Get Rid Of Anxiety And Panic Attacks By Taking A Relaxing Bath

A simple yet efficient method people wondering how to stop panic attacks naturally should try is taking a relaxing bath whenever they feel worries and fears become overwhelming and negative thoughts make them feel anxious and irritated.

A warm and relaxing bath in which you added some lavender or rosemary essential oil can be a great treat after a tiring and stressful day and can ensure a restful sleep. Take this bath one hour before going to bed and avoid overheating the water or eating right before relaxing in the warm and aromatic bath.

Besides relieving muscle tension, this practice will also help you forget about negative thoughts and ideas, especially if you choose to listen to some relaxing music while in the bath and why not, if you light some scented candles for a more romantic and calming atmosphere.

Stop Panic Attacks By Creating An Anxiety Worrying Period

As strange as it sounds, this method is extremely efficient when it comes to preventing anxiety symptoms as it forces the sufferer to face his or her fears and worries daily, for a fix time interval, in a safe and completely controlled environment.

During this worrying period, the sufferer has to focus only on his negative thoughts and feelings, to analyze them and try to find some personalized solutions for correcting and overcoming excessive worries and illogical fears.

This is the only period in a day when the anxiety sufferer is allowed to think about his panic crisis, the rest of the day being destined for positive thoughts. To make sure no bad, threatening or anxiety-inducing idea interferes with your activities during the day, write down all negative thoughts and postpone them until the worrying period.

This simple technique will show you how to stop panic attacks naturally, by facing your fears and worries daily, in a safe environment.

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